Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

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Are you wondering, “Why does my Roomba keep cleaning the same area?” It’s a common concern among Roomba users, and we understand the confusion and inconvenience it brings.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the causes behind this behavior and provide practical solutions to address it.

Reasons Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

If you are worried about why does my Roomba keeps cleaning the same area, here are some of the possible reasons why it is happening so;

Reason 1: Caught Bumper

Remember that a jammed bumper is one of the primary causes of your Roomba vacuum cleaner going over the same area. A bumper may often get stuck or dislodged due to dirt or debris. 

That’s why many people think Roomba takes forever to clean, and it’s just a myth, nothing more.

In addition to this, an impure bumper sensor might cause a vacuum cleaner to operate poorly.

Remember that the bumper sensors and bumpers are designed to prevent this device from being involved in any potential accidents. 

If the sensors on the bumper are dirty or the bumper is loose or stuck, the device could believe it is headed toward a barrier. And that’s when it decides to back off, repeatedly traveling in the other direction or loop.

Reason 2: Unreliable Wheels

If the wheels have a problem, Roomba may also rotate around the same region. It happens when any form of loose material becomes stuck within the wheels. 

The wheels ultimately get stuck as a result of this dirt or debris. In addition, an uneven surface causes the autonomous vacuuming cleaner to continuously clean the same area. 

Therefore, if you ever run into this problem, simply think about shifting this smart device on a flat surface, as it only functions well on a level surface, and then click the clean button to launch the cleaning process again.

Reason 3: The Roomba Became Entangled In Something

Sometimes the iRobot Roomba gets stuck under a piece of furniture and continues cleaning the same spot. Simply elevate the device when this occurs to see whether anything is lodged underneath it. 

Remember that even if the bumper sensor on the Roomba can detect any obstacles, the device can get caught sometimes, forcing the vacuum to clean in the same place repeatedly. You may either remove the item or switch off the machine to solve this issue.

Reason 4: Cliff Sensors That Are Dirty Or Blocked

Cliff sensors are a need for the safety of Roomba vacuum machines.

However, if the cliff sensors are filthy, your gadget might not be able to do its function properly.

When blocked, they may constantly pass the same location since they won’t be able to distinguish boundaries or steps. You can resolve this problem by following a simple method on how to clean sensors on Roomba using melamine foam to clean cliff sensors.

Reason 5: Dirt Detection Technology

Roomba uses Dirt Detect Technology, allowing the cleaner to concentrate on dirtier areas. Cleaning these areas requires more effort until the sensor notices less dirt.

If activated, this feature may explain why your Roomba continues to clean the same area until all debris is removed.

Despite what you may assume, it only does its duty of cleaning the dirtier and worst parts of your living environment.

Most of the time, Roomba keeps returning home to empty bin, and that’s completely normal.

Reason 6: Interference With Infrared From Other Devices

The possibility of infrared interference from other equipment is another reason why your Roomba keeps cleaning the same space.

The infrared radiation emitted by other close devices, such as a headset that implements similar technology to Roomba, may interfere with the UV rays emitted by your vacuum cleaner.

Your Roomba becomes lost as a consequence, loses its bearings, and circles the same region.

If your roomba cleaning the wrong room, that can be due to interference with infrared from other devices.

To avoid any interference with the signals going to, coming from, or being transmitted by the hoover, attempt to remove any electronics from your environment.

Reason 7: Mode Of Maximum Suction

Leaving your Roomba in “Maximum Suction mode” all the time will sometimes cause it to start spinning its wheels. Use this option only when required to avoid this scenario. It is the best.

Reason 8: Software Problems

Another problem that might be causing your Roomba to work in the same place is software issues.

For example, certain Roomba models have had to navigate problems due to a particular iRobot software upgrade. Another issue is using the cleaner’s outdated firmware or software on a fresh device.

How To Fix “Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

Why Does My Roomba Keep Cleaning The Same Area?

The following are quick fixes for the reasons your Roomba could repeatedly clean the same spot:

  1. To clear the Roomba’s navigation and cleaning history, you need to restart it.
  2. Remove any debris or things in their way and prevent them from moving and becoming stuck.
  3. The Roomba’s sensors should be cleaned to guarantee accurate identification and navigation.
  4. To stop the Roomba from continuously going back to the same location, move the charging port to a new part of the room.
  5. Make sure that virtual wall barriers are set up and placed correctly to make sure they are successfully directing the Roomba’s motion.
  6. Inspect and clean its cliff sensors to stop the Roomba from excessively avoiding particular places.
  7. To enhance the performance of your Roomba model, look for any available updates to the firmware and apply them.
  8. Try out several Roomba cleaning settings or modes to see which offers the best navigation and coverage.
  9. Verify that the Roomba’s wheels are correctly positioned and aren’t hindering its mobility or causing it to deviate off course.
  10. If the problem continues, speak with the manufacturer’s customer service for more help, particularly Roomba model troubleshooting advice.


Why Does My Roomba Keep Going Over The Same Area Repeatedly?

Issues with navigation, dirty sensors, wrong settings, or physical barriers in the region are all possibilities for why this can happen.

How Can I Fix This Problem?

Wipe off the sensors on the Roomba, remove any obstructions, think about moving the charging station, make any necessary adjustments to the cleaning settings, or update the software.

Is There A Way To Prevent My Roomba From Going Over The Same Area?

Regularly clean the sensors, maintain the space free, use the virtual wall obstacles, and ensure the software is current.

Why does my roomba keep canceling?

It can be due to a low battery or any obstacles; check your battery and charge it if the issue is with the battery.


If your Roomba keeps going in circles, try restarting it and clearing up any debris that may have gotten stuck beneath it. 

Remove any possible obstacles from the floor. Finally, verify that the battery, detectors, and processor are functioning properly.

So why does my Roomba keep cleaning the same area? Now you know! Perhaps our guide was suitable for you to identify the typical causes of this issue.

No matter your level of technical expertise, you should have been able to understand the procedure because of the way we explained it.

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