Which Roomba Model Do I Have?

Which Roomba Model Do I Have?

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If your Roomba ever gets into issues, you may buy various replacement parts, like filters and dustbins, to keep it running smoothly.

You can’t purchase anything compatible with your roomba if you don’t know the model number.

But which Roomba model do I have this question comes to anybody’s mind if Roomba shows any errors.

Finding your Roomba model’s serial number is important and easy. You can find this in different places on the robotic vacuum, like under the battery, underneath the bin, or at the base of the vacuum.

This serial number can provide a wealth of information about your main room product, including the date of manufacture, the model number, and other specifics.

Let me explain why it is essential to know the Roomba serial number and where to locate the serial numbers for Roomba vacuum models.

Where do I find which Roomba model I have?

Where Do I Find Which Roomba Model I Have?

The serial number is the simplest method to determine the model of your Roomba vacuum. However, other ways exist, such as the vacuum’s appearance or button specifics, to determine the model.

Usually, The serial number of the Roomba is located on the bottom of the device. You can find it quickly by following these steps.

Step 1: Turn off your Roomba device 

Step 2: Invert the Roomba, exposing its underbelly with the wheels facing skyward.

Step 3: Firmly remove the dustbin and battery of your Roomba

Step 4: Seek the serial number after removing the bin and battery.

In most cases, the main serial number can be obtained by removing the dustbin; however, if you have a robotic vacuum cleaner from an earlier generation, you may also need to remove the battery.

How many models of Roomba are there?

IRobot has regularly introduced new Roomba models since the original series was launched in 2002. Because of this, there are likely dozens of different Roombas out there.

As of 2021, iRobot has released 11 versions of the Roomba and is currently selling six models throughout the s, j, i, and 600 Series.

The Roomba 600 Series is a best seller because of its low price, but there are more than a dozen versions to choose from!

It may cause you to worry that you won’t be able to locate the model and serial numbers because of the variations between the many versions.

Because the location of the serial number on different Roomba models fluctuates, Don’t worry about which Roomba model you have.

I have compiled a table detailing the location of the serial number on each Roomba model.

iRobot Roomba SeriesSerial Number Location
Roomba i and j seriesPerpendicular to the brush rollers, after the dustbin is removed
Roomba S SeriesBehind the dustbin, on the underside of the robot
Roomba E SeriesWhite strip parallel to the brushes
Roomba Create & Dirt Dog and Roomba 400 series Battery compartment under the vacuum
Roomba 500, 600, 700, 800 to 900 SeriesNext to the roller brushes, after the dustbin is removed
Roomba j7 comboUnder bin
Braava jet m seriesUnder the tank
Braava 300 Series and MintUnderneath the handle
Roomba 400 seriesUnder battery
Scooba 400 and 300 SeriesUnder the tank

Are all of the serial numbers in the same place?

Are All Of The Serial Numbers In The Same Place?

Different Roomba models may have unique capabilities and technologies, but they always have a similar design, making it easy to identify the model and serial number.

The Roomba serial number search sticker may be found on the underside of the Roomba, just beneath the dust bin, on all iRobot Roomba models. 

The sticker is safe from damage caused by the Roomba’s movement across various floor surfaces since it is placed under the dust bin.

Finding the model number may be difficult if the serial number is a large sequence of letters and digits.

Why does it matter which type of Roomba you have?

iRobot has introduced many Roomba lines. If your Roomba robot vacuum is acting up, identifying the model number is the first step in fixing it.

The answer to a given issue is model-dependent. For instance, resetting an iRobot Roomba varies significantly between the Roomba J7 and the Roomba 900.

Knowing the model number is also helpful when shopping for replacement parts. You need to consider other filtration methods and brush types.


You must know which Roomba model you own to purchase the correct accessories and troubleshoot any issues with your device.

I always check the serial number and it is the simplest way to determine which Roomba model you have even though there are other methods.

If you cannot determine the model number from the serial number, photograph the serial number and upload it to an image search engine.

If you are still uncertain of the model number, you may select the “Show me more” checkbox and scroll through the list until you find it.


What are other ways to identify Roomba models?

  • Refer to the manual or box that came with your Roomba for model information.
  • Contact iRobot customer support for further assistance.

How to understand the Roomba model number?

The Roomba’s 3-digit model number, such as 980, indicates that it belongs to a specific series. 

In this case, the 980 belongs to the 900 series, which was introduced in 2015 as part of the Roomba models by year. The last two main digits of the model number, 80, in this case, identify the specific model within that series.

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