Roomba S9 Keeps Saying Empty The Bin

Roomba S9 Keeps Saying Empty The Bin

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There is nothing more annoying than a robotic vacuum that won’t stop bothering you!

If your Roomba S9 keeps saying empty the bin, even though you just did so, it’s time to put an end to this automatic revolt and regain control of your Roomba.

This could be because of a malfunction in the Roomba s9 bin full sensors. To tackle it, clean the bin along with its sensors and its ports after emptying the bin.

Let’s explore the potential causes for this issue, ranging from filthy sensors to software bugs, and identify the fast solutions to have your Roomba S9 freely vacuuming without any more complaints about an empty bin.

Your high-tech assistant will be up and running like new in no time with just a little bit of troubleshooting knowledge and some essential maintenance.

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Empty the Bin?

Roomba S9 Keeps Saying Empty The Bin

When the bin is fully filled with dirt and requires emptying, Roomba instantly shows the “empty the container” notification.

But sometimes notifications pop up, and your roomba keeps saying empty the bin; In reality, when you look at the container, it’s already empty.

It is due to your Roomba “full bin sensors” sending out untrue signals. Once the bin has been emptied, clean it and the Roomba sensors and sensor ports.

If your Roomba continues instructing you to empty the bin, you may not have cleansed the bin, sensors, and filtration as thoroughly as you believe. 

Do not overlook the filter when cleaning, as it may become obstructed with hair and trash, causing the Roomba to believe the bin is still full.

Learn how long a Roomba takes to clean?

If you routinely empty the trash but continue seeing this error message, several possible causes exist. 

  • Firmware problem
  • The dust container has not been reinserted properly.
  • A clogged or obstructed filter.
  • The dust container has not been drained correctly,
  • The Roomba’s exterior is filthy.
  • The dust container’s infrared (IR) sensors are contaminated.

Pet hair was adhered to the sensors on the exterior of the receptacle, and the filter was quite clogged. 

My issue was resolved by clearing them and rebooting my Roomba. Since then, I have set a routine to clean my Roomba once per week, and I have not encountered the error since.

For your further information, this error is known as roomba s9+ bin error 8, which says the error is in the bin.

How to Fix Roomba S9 Keep Telling Me to Empty The Bin?

If your Roomba S9 keeps saying empty the bin, you can consider these steps mentioned. Let’s examine each of these aspects in depth and assist you in resolving the issue!

Firmware Problem

After updating their device, many users say they started receiving the “empty bin” message on their Roombas.

In most cases, upgrading your device might result in a bug (software issue). Don’t let these common words scare you, however! The solution to this issue is really easy.

All you have to do is restart your Roomba S9, and everything should function correctly once again.

Dirty Sensors

Your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner features at least six sensors near the bin container. Additionally, given the quantity of trash they are exposed to during each cleaning session, these sensors may sometimes get blocked with dirt.

Therefore, use the steps listed below to solve this issue:

  • Pick up a good dry cloth.
  • Find your Roomba’s sensors; they are located close to the bin container.
  • Clear away all of the dust, but use caution while applying pressure on the sensors.

Note: When cleaning, use a dry towel. Avoid using any kind of liquids close to the sensors because doing so could harm them.

According to IROBOT HOME SUPPORT, In order to clear the error, you should reboot the robot after cleaning its “full bin sensors and ports.”

Filter and Dirty Container

If you often use your robot vacuum for cleaning, a filthy filter or container may cause the bin error notice to appear.

Use water to wash the dirty bin on your Roomba S9. However, first, separate the filter from the robot vacuum cleaner. I mention this because you can’t use water on Roomba’s filters.

You cannot use water to clean the filters on your Roomba robotic vacuum. You may take off the dust by patting it softly with a towel. The filter must be changed if you’ve been utilizing the same one for a long time.

Your Roomba S9 should have its filter changed every 4-6 months.

Contact iRobot Customer Support

I appreciate iRobot’s helpful customer service as one of the company’s numerous assets. Roomba owners who have exhausted all other troubleshooting options can consider contacting iRobot for assistance.

Describe your problem and the various troubleshooting techniques you’ve already tried.

If your Roomba malfunctions and you have a warranty, we’ll replace the broken item at no cost to you. It’s possible that the sensor is faulty and continues to give incorrect data.

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How do I know when to empty the Roomba?

Roomba S9 Keeps Saying Empty The Bin

First, how does one determine when a Roomba needs to be emptied? Just today, I was explaining why it’s important to unload Roomba after every cleaning, as instructed by iRobot1.

Roombas have many means of alerting their owners when the dustbin is full:

  • An ascending red light
  • On some Roombas, a trash can symbol lights up.
  • Roomba displays an error code.


One of the top robot vacuum cleaners on the market is the Roomba S9. However, a hardware or technological failure might cause the gadget to malfunction.  

Your Roomba S9 keeps saying empty the bin issue, and this problem might develop owing to several faults with the firmware, dust container, or filter on your Roomba S9.

It won’t take you very long to make the adjustments since they are rather simple. So, read to the page above to get your Roomba S9 up and functioning again as quickly as possible!

In case you are looking for these types of queries with different models, like some roomba user’s raised queries like their roomba j7 keep saying empty the bin or roomba i7 keeps saying empty the bin, then you can also read this article to resolve your query.


How do I reset my Roomba dustbin sensor?

After you clean the Bin Sensors, you may need to restart the robot to get rid of the mistake. 

Press and hold the CLEAN button for about 10 seconds or until the “rSt” message appears on the screen. Roomba will make a sound to let you know that the reset is done.

Why does Roomba keep saying the bin is full?

If Roomba keeps saying the bin is full even after you’ve cleaned it out, it means you didn’t clean the roomba s9 bin with full sensors and/or the sensor ports well enough. 

After cleaning all six full bin sensors and ports, you may have to restart the robot to get rid of the mistake.

Where do I find the roomba s9 bin sensor location?

When you turn off your roomba s9 and press the release button on your roomba s9, it will pop out. Look at the sides of the bin; you will find two rectangular black sensors that are the roomba s9 bin full sensors.

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