Roomba Not Picking Up Hair

Roomba Not Picking Up Hair?

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If you ask me, what is the most frustrating part of having a pet? I will say it’s cleaning the pet’s hair from the floor. 

After much little research, I am blessed to know the reasons and how I can fix this issue if your roomba is not picking up hairs from the floor.

Are you tired of this “Roomba Not Picking Up Hair” issue? If yes, then you must be wondering why it is happening.

Many things could be causing this setback, from tangled brushes to full dustbins. By eliminating these possible problems and following our fixing tips, you may make your Roomba collect hair better again. 

Your Roomba will be more effective and stay hair-free if you give it regular maintenance and modifications to its cleaning schedule.


Roomba robot vacuums can pick up dog hair, but they need regular maintenance to prevent problems like clogged brushes and full dustbins. To keep your Roomba running smoothly, be sure to remove hair from the brushes, empty the dustbin, and clean the sensors and ports regularly. You may also want to use a humidifier to reduce static. With a little TLC, your Roomba can keep your floors clean and your dog hair free.

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Pick Up Hair?

Roomba Not Picking Up Hair

Your Roomba may not be able to take up dog hair for various reasons, including a full vacuum dustbin, high humidity, or its shortcomings. 

Let’s look at some of the most often mentioned reasons:

  • Roomba Dustbin is Full: The Roomba cannot pick up more hair than it can hold.
  • Stuck Brush: When hair becomes entangled in the brush, it must be cleaned.
  • Filter Clog: Excessive amounts of pet hair often block the filter, leaving the Roomba ineffective.
  • Your home has too much hair: Roomba may not be effective in gathering hair.

Your current issue may be due to more than one of the aforementioned factors. But don’t worry; we’ll show you how to repair it in our next article!

How To Fix When Roomba Doesn’t Pick Up Hair?

Roomba Not Picking Up Hair

If your Roomba is not picking up hair, you can apply these troubleshooting steps to fix the problem;

Solution 1: Remove Debris from the roomba Brushes 

If you’ve noticed that your Roomba isn’t vacuuming up your hair, it may be because of dust or other Debris in the brush. The brushes cannot function correctly if it’s clogged with Debris.

Remove the brush cover and clean it with a vacuum or a toothbrush to manually clean the brushes. Once complete, the brush cover may be reattached, and cleaning can resume.

Solution 2: Clean The DustBin of your roomba 

 Roomba Not Picking Up Hair

If your trash can is already full, the Roomba won’t be able to clean up hair and other things in your home.

To manually clean the trash can, follow the procedures below:

  1. Press the button on the back of the Roomba that indicates “Release.”
  2. Take away the trash can and press the door opener switch.
  3. Clean the trash can and take the filter out.
  4. To clean the trash can, use warm water.
  5. Let the trash can dry completely.
  6. Replace the receptacle on the Roomba vacuum.
  1. The Roomba will then immediately begin collecting the hair, which you will notice immediately.
  2. Keep an eye on the Roomba to see whether it has a functioning disposal system, and act appropriately.

Take out the trash can’s filter before cleaning it. Find out whether the Dustin bag for your vacuum can be washed.

Solution 3: Clean The CHM GearBox of your roomba 

Roomba’s Cleaning Head Module, or CHM, contains gears in charge of the vacuum.

If the dust or hair buildup in the CHM prevents the device from functioning, a simple cleaning of the gearbox may fix the problem. The CHM gearbox may be cleaned in the following ways:

  1. First, detach the gearbox from CHM.
  2. After removing the last six screws, lift off the gearbox cover.
  3. Remove all the dirt and Debris from the gearbox.
  4. After you’ve reinserted the gears into the gearbox, close the cover. 
  5. Securely fasten the plate.

Be careful not to damage the gearbox by scrubbing it too vigorously to remove dust.    

Solution 4: Unclog the Filter of your roomba 

When a Roomba vacuum stops sucking up hair and dust, it’s usually because the filter is clogged. It may occur if the filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, or other particles.

You may repair this by cleaning up the area surrounding the filter. Then, brush away the remaining dust and dirt with a toothbrush so the vacuum can reach the rest of the floor.

Solution 5: Clean All Ports And Sensors in your roomba 

The Roomba is a sensor-based robotic vacuum cleaner. A bin sensor sends signals to the Roomba when the bin is full, letting it know to empty the garbage.

The sensor loses contact with the Roomba if the trash can is overflowing or obstructed. 

To clean the bin sensor, do as shown below.

  1. Take the Roomba Robot’s dustbin out.
  2. Clean the trash can using foam, a fiber cloth, or a miracle rubber.
  3. Clean the sensors and ports.
  4. Put the trash can back where it belongs.

There are six sensors in all; please ensure they are all clean.

Solution 6: Install A Humidifier for your home

A static protector or humidifier can assist a Roomba in collecting pet hair. Manufacturers of the Roomba have said that their product cannot pick up pet hair in dry or static-prone environments. 

With the static guard or humidifier working to keep the air dry, Roomba is better able to pick up random hairs.

To install a humidifier, follow these instructions:

  1. Buy a humidifier from a reputable store.
  2. Get the humidifier and put it in your house. 
  3. Ensure that the device is 2 to 4 feet off the ground.
  4. Turn on the appliance 15 minutes before Roomba’s start time.

You’ll undoubtedly see a significant change after using the humidifier. Now the Roomba should be able to gather as much hair as it can!


Now that you know why “Roomba is Not Picking Up Hair,” you can take steps to permanently fix the issue.

When we have pets living with us, it is vital to remember that the Roomba robot must be cleaned more often than usual. It is something that we should keep in mind.

From removing dirt from brushes, cleaning the dustbins, and cleaning the sensors and ports to installing a humidifier, you may fix the room without picking up hair issues.


What can I do if my Roomba is still not picking up my hair?

If you tried all the above solutions but are still your roomba is not picking up hair, then you should try to contact the support team of irobot to resolve the issue directly from the manufacturer.

How often should I clean the filter on my Roomba?

If you have more than one pet, you should clean the filters in 2 weeks; it’s always better to maintain your roomba.

Do Roomba Vacuums Pick Up Human Hair?

Yes, it does pick up human hair along with pet hair. 

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