Roomba not emptying itself

Roomba Not Emptying Itself

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Are you sick of emptying the dirt bin after you’ve spent time cleaning the floors with your Roomba?

The automated vacuum you bought was supposed to simplify your life, but instead, you must empty it by hand several times a week.

Well, have no fear! Here, we’ll look at some of the most common explanations for why Roomba is not emptying itself of the trash and provide some practical advice for fixing the problem.

You no longer have to empty your Roomba, so you can look forward to fully hands-free cleaning.


  • Do Not Disturb: Make sure this feature is turned off.
  • Bin: Is it full? If so, empty it.
  • Charging contacts and communication windows: Are they clean? If not, clean them.
  • Clean Base: Is it clogged or full of dirt? If so, clean it or replace the bag.

If you want to know the process of each step, keep reading for more detailed instructions.

Why is Roomba not emptying itself?

Roomba Not Emptying Itself

Causes that are resisting your roomba from not emptying itself are 

Roomba not emptying itself due to damaged or dirty sensors

The sensors on the Roomba are responsible for determining when it needs to empty the trash. If the sensors are malfunctioning, the Roomba may not know to start emptying the waste bin.

Roomba not emptying itself due to the Do Not Disturb mode 

The “Do not disturb” option enables you to instruct the Roomba to stop its cleaning at certain periods. The Roomba will not empty its bin if you have set it to do so while it is in the “Do not disturb” setting.

Roomba not emptying itself due to the dirty and clogged clean base

Check, and clean the base of your roomba because it gets dirty and clogged due to a lot of dirt and including pet hairs.

The clean base is the main storage facility of your roomba that stores the dirt with the help of Evac Bag.

Note: Evac Bag is part of a clean base where whole dirt gets stored, and you can dispose of it whenever you want, but it’s better for you to dispose of it within 2 weeks; otherwise, your clean base might get clogged.

Roomba not emptying itself due to Dirty Roomba charging contacts and communication window

The self-emptying capability of the Roomba may be disrupted if the charging connections or the communication window on the docking station are dusty or blocked.

Before beginning the emptying procedure, the Roomba must establish a stable connection with the docking station.

Roomba not emptying itself due to the mechanical Malfunction

Failure of the self-emptying mechanism might be the result of a mechanical malfunction. Because of this, the Roomba may not be able to empty its bins correctly.

How To Fix When Roomba Won’t Empty Bin?

Roomba Not Emptying Itself

Let’s talk about a method that really works to assist you in fixing this problem. Be sure to carefully go through all the solutions and put them to use.

Just get started!

Solution 1. Wipe Down the sensors of your Roomba

The Roomba relies heavily on its sensors to do all of its tasks. Over time and heavy use, your Roomba’s sensors will get clogged with dirt.

This prevents them from getting in touch with the Base Station. Cleaning the sensors should fix the problem. 

To clean the sensors on your Roomba, do as follows:

  1. Remove the iRobot Roomba’s dustbin.
  2. Use a foam wipe or fiber towel to clean the trash can.
  3. Put the trash can back in its spot.
  4. Wipe down the two front sensors, two side sensors, and two rear sensors.

It will enhance Roomba’s navigation and get the robot to the Cleaning Base Station faster.

Solution 2. Disabling (DND) Do Not Disturb Mode

iRobot has launched a fantastic new function that is gentler on humans and their animals. They implemented a feature called “Do Not Disturb.”

This mode silences the Roomba and temporarily turns off the self-emptying function.

Here are the actions you need to do to turn off DND:

  1. Launch the Roomba Home App.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” menu on your cleaning robot.
  3. Next, choose Robot Settings from the menu.
  4. Turn off the Do Not Disturb feature.
  5.  To turn it on or off the mode, tap the slider once.

Roomba’s bin fills up when the DND mode is kept on for too long, preventing the robot from finishing its cleaning cycle.

Solution 3. Clean The Clogs From Clean Base

The Roomba’s clean base became blocked with dirt and hair, and the vacuum’s Evac Bag quickly filled up.

The empty Evac bag may be found in the clean storage basement. It jammed the Roomba’s evacuation port, preventing it from emptying.

Simply remove any obstructions from the Roomba’s filter and swap out the Evac Bag. 

Solution 4. Clean the bin manually

If it doesn’t work, here’s another idea that may. Since the bin cannot clear the dirt on its own when it is full or blocked, we are exploring methods for manual execution.

Here are a few ideas for cleaning by hand:

  1. First, make sure the Roomba is on its clean base, and then press the HOME button on the device. 
  2. Open the iRobot app and tap the Clean button. Then, tap the Empty Bin button. 
  3. Move your Roomba eight feet away if you don’t see an Empty Bin button. 
  4. Click the Recycle Bin’s Empty button right now.
  5. Roomba must return to its docking station in order to have its trash can emptied. 

Solution 5. Reset Your Roomba

If you’ve made it this far in the instructions, it’s likely that Roomba’s software is to blame. 

The best way to fix this is to do a factory reset.

After a factory reset, the Roomba’s software is reinstalled, and the robot must be re-paired with the mobile app.

Here’s how to force a Roomba restart:

  1. Begin by pressing and holding the Clean Button on your Roomba for a full quarter of a minute.
  2. As the Roomba resets itself after you’ve let go of the button, the white lights will flash and spin in a clockwise motion.
  3. The light will go off after a few seconds if everything goes as planned.

Solution 6. Wipe Down Charging Contacts and Communication Window

When the base is clean and Roomba is in communication mode, it empties its bin.

Your Roomba can autonomously fulfill the schedule due to these two factors.

So wipe the dust from the charging connections, use melamine foam, and Wipe the home base docking sensor glass with a delicate cotton cloth, then give the device some time to power down.

“Wondering About Roomba on Uneven Floors?


We have covered all the reasons why Roomba not emptying itself in this guide, along with several solutions.

Cleaning the sensors, charging connections, communication window, and bin by hand should fix the issue of the Roomba not emptying itself.

It’s important to double-check everything before jumping to conclusions, as sometimes a little Care is all that’s needed to get everything running smoothly again.

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