Roomba Making Clicking Noise

Why is My Roomba Making Clicking Noise?

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Picture this; As a Roomba person, you woke up on your day off and heard some mysterious clicking noise. Suddenly you realize there is something wrong in your apartment. 

And when you finally sum up the root of the cause, it’s your dear Roomba making clicking noise.

It can be due to an internal malfunction in your Roomba device. I have enlisted below the possible reasons for the clicking noise.

You feel like your apartment has become a mix of sound puzzles that challenge your senses and confuse you completely.

But don’t worry; I’m here to help you find your way through this confusing noise, figure out what’s happening, and bring peace back to your home. Buckle up because the fun is about to begin!

Reasons: Why is Roomba Making Clicking Noise?

Roomba Making Clicking Noise

Here are the major reasons why your Roomba is making clicking noise; 

  • Debris blocking the brush module or wheels.
  • Uneven or loose wheel alignment.
  • Poorly maintained brushes in the brush module.
  • The drive belt is out of alignment or broken.
  • Roomba’s internal components have experienced more mechanical difficulties.

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How To Fix If Your Roomba Making Clicking Noise?

If you are experiencing your “Roomba making clicking noise” and you want to fix this, Here are some of the troubleshooting steps;

Step 1. Clean the Brushes in a Roomba

When the internal Roomba brushes don’t spin freely, thumping or Roomba brush clicking noise may be heard during the operation.

These brushes are similar in appearance to those found on conventional vacuum cleaners, and they fit Roomba models, including the 600 series.

Follow the instructions below to clean the brushes:

  1. Take off the brush housing plate.
  2. Now, Take the brush off the Roomba.
  3. Take the brush out of its suspension as well.
  4. Next, thoroughly clean the Roomba’s interior and its detachable parts.
  5. Put the Roomba back together.

Step 2. Check The Side Brush

If your Roomba vacuum has a side brush, examine it for obstructions or damage. Get rid of anything stuck in the side brush, and make sure it’s fastened securely to eliminate the clicking sound.

Step 3. Resolve the Drive Belt Issue

The brush module and motor on Roomba versions with roller brushes may be connected via a drive belt. 

A loose, worn, or improperly aligned drive belt might cause a clicking sound from the brush. If the drive belt is worn, you should replace it.

Step 4. Clean the Extractors in a Roomba

To clear a Roomba’s extractors of things that might cause them to make noise, follow these specific instructions:

  1. Open the Roomba.
  2. Take off the extractors and both pieces of the suspension at each end.
  3. Clean up any hair and dirt you may find.
  4. Reassemble everything the way it was.

Step 5. Clean Roomba Wheels

The dust and dirt in the wheel well may be easily removed with a clean cloth. It won’t experience that friction again. Thus, it will function normally once again without Roomba making whining noises.

Step 6. Solve the Battery Issues

Some users are asking why our Irobot Roomba making clicking noises when charging. That’s why the clicking noise might be the result of a malfunctioning battery.

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Additionally, if the mapping or navigation system works improperly, the program may beep or click and sometimes show an error code.

If error 46 appears, it indicates that the Roomba has to be powered up again since it is running low on battery.

Step 7. Clean the Roomba’s Vacuum Impeller 

While everyone can clean the brushes and extractors, the vacuum impeller requires more technical know-how.

If you still believe that you are capable of cleaning the vacuum impeller yourself, the following procedures are outlined:

  1. You’ll need to disassemble your Roomba to get to the motor shaft.
  2. Take off the vacuum impeller that was attached to the motor shaft.
  3. Remove all the hair, dirt, and dust from the component.
  4. Lightly lubricate the rotating elements’ suspension.
  5. Ensure there is no friction between any moving pieces while putting them together.

Step 8. Problem With The Brush Module

If the brushes have a problem, the clicking noise may be coming from the brush module. Check the brushes for wear and obstructions.

To clean or change the brushes, take apart the brush module.

Step 9. Take Out The Trash

If the dirt container is full, the vacuum won’t work. It prevents additional dust buildup, preventing the dust from clogging other parts of the vacuum.

To solve your problem, you should empty the trash can once a week. 

Also, since Roomba may rapidly suck up pet hair, you should aim to empty the bin at least twice a week if you have a hairy pet. The trash can becomes full with this in a matter of days.

Step 10. Reset The Roomba

If your Roomba is making a clicking noise for no apparent reason;

  1. Try turning off the roomba and then remove the battery.
  2. Now, wait a few minutes, and then insert the battery again.
  3. Later on, restart your roomba.

In certain cases, this may fix minor problems or malfunctions.

Contact Customer Support

If the clicking sound continues after trying the aforementioned solutions, you should contact Roomba’s customer service staff or refer to the user handbook for more instructions. 

They can provide you with model-specific advice and assist you in figuring out what’s wrong with your Roomba.


What could be causing the strange clicking sounds from my Roomba?

The clicking noise might stem from various factors like debris obstructions, wheel misalignment, or worn-out components.

How can I silence my Roomba’s clicking?

Consider cleaning its brushes, checking for wheel alignment issues, or inspecting and replacing any damaged parts to eliminate the clicking noise.


If you see your “Roomba making a clicking noise,” there are several potential causes to consider. 

Try clearing the wheel and brush storage areas of debris or impediments. Check for looseness and make sure the drive belt is correctly positioned.

If the clicking noise does not stop, it is possible you will need to contact customer support to get more help, or you may want to consider replacing any components that have been damaged.

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