Roomba Is Not Working On The Carpet

Roomba Is Not Working On The Carpet?

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Your Roomba Stutter on the Carpet? Or does it stop working completely on carpets and rugs? You might be worried every time it reaches a carpet or doormat. 

Carpets more than half an inch thick can stop Roomba from functioning. The beam may be broken because of the pile’s tone or height and thickness. The task can be done just as well by another Roomba.

However, if you have carpets and rugs throughout your house, things will get more challenging. 

Many currently available robot vacuums struggle when switching from hard floors to carpets.

Let’s dive in and see why Roomba is not working on carpets and how you can fix this issue easily.

Does your Roomba have issues with carpet surfaces? Figure out how to make it work! Learn some simple tricks that can help your Roomba clean carpets more effectively. Find out why it doesn’t work, and turn your Roomba into a professional carpet cleaner!”

Why is Roomba not working on the carpet?

roomba Not Working On The Carpet

If your Roomba is operating silently or failing to clean the carpet, it is likely because the brushes are not rotating on the roomba.

Let’s figure out what may be stopping the brush from picking up dirt, dust, and hair off the carpets.

Damaged or Dirty GearBox

If the gears in the gearbox of a Roomba are damaged in any way, even merely being blocked with debris, the brushes will not be able to spin.

Plastic gears control the brushes’ rotation. That is to say, you should clean them on occasion!

Clogged Brush Rollers

The brush can’t spin because it’s clogged with dirt, hair, and carpet fibers that can’t be removed unless the brush is cleaned.

Motor with Poor lubrication

Long-term usage of a Roomba might dry up the brush motor, rendering it ineffective in turning the machine’s gears.

Especially after a lengthy period during which no lubrication or oil was applied.

Roomba is Doing Map Run

During a Roomba’s navigation and mapping run, the brushes won’t turn since the robot isn’t really cleaning the floor.

Let the robot finish its mapping mission before testing it.

How to fix Roomba not working on the carpet?

Roomba is not working on the carpet

Several people have told us they can’t get the device to work properly on carpets.

These customers have reported that their Roomba is not effective on carpets. Because of this, they are unable to use the gadget anymore.

So, today we will give you a list of fixing steps to help you fix the problem.

Some solutions are listed below:

Clean the Module Head

The first thing that could be wrong with your Roomba is that it needs some repair or care.

It is ultimately your responsibility to test the unit and guarantee it works properly on carpets.

You should clean the device’s head module at this point. If the gadget is having trouble picking up from carpets and mats, doing so will assist in removing any debris or interference that may be in the way.

It’s a good idea to clean your equipment regularly, even if it’s functioning normally. The Roomba’s trash can detectors should also be cleaned.

Clean and lubricate the gearbox

A filthy gearbox increases the risk of breakdown due to increased friction and wear. The gearbox must be taken out of the Roomba and cleaned separately. 

Brushes or pressurized air may be used to clean the gearbox once it has been removed.

After the gearbox has been cleaned, it should be lubricated. The gearbox may be lubricated with either oil or grease. When using the lubrication that came with your Roomba, be sure to do it as directed.

Clean the Rubber Brushes

Maintenance on the rubber brushes is something else you can perform.

You must verify that the filter is being applied simultaneously. Check to see whether the brushes are turning freely.

If your Roomba is having trouble cleaning up dirt from carpets, it may be because the brushes aren’t rotating correctly.

As a result, you may need to examine and get the brushes fixed if you discover anything strange about them.

Lubricate the motor 

  1. Turn Roomba off, disconnect it, and turn it over.
  2. Carefully remove, and find the motor in question.
  3. Put in a little oil, and start the motor.
  4. Periodically dismantle, test, and service.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, dismantling your Roomba can void the warranty and perhaps cause further harm.

If your Roomba is still covered by its manufacturer’s warranty, you should get in touch with iRobot.

Getting the Device Checked

It’s possible that you’re experiencing problems right now because of an issue with your device.

If that is the case, you won’t be able to do anything on your own. Instead, you should have an expert have a look at the device.

Depending on its condition, you will be required to either restore or replace the device.


If your Roomba is not working on the carpet, try one of these solutions. If you want a fast and simple solution to the problem, just use the steps we outlined in the post.

The unit’s upkeep is usually to fault for any problems. Therefore, it is essential that you first investigate the blockages.

Maintaining your Roomba is essential if you want to make use of its practical benefits for as long as possible.

It will take you no more than five minutes every day if you do it regularly. However, if the Roomba is left unattended, it will accumulate dirt and dust and become ineffective. 


What kind of carpet is best for Roomba?

The carpet that is considered best for roomba is known as low pile carpet because it is smooth and easy to navigate, and clean.  

What should I do if my Roomba gets stuck on my carpet?

Firstly you have to turn off your roomba and take it slowly from where it is stuck. If you think you can’t take it by hand, use any kind of broom or any tool.

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