Roomba I4 Vs I8+

Roomba i4 VS i8+ Comparison

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Welcome to the Battle of Roomba Bots: Roomba i4 vs. i8+ 

Yes, Everyone wants to save time in a world where time becomes a precious commodity. Let me save you time by comparing the two best Roomba bots with each other.

In the ever-changing world of smart home technology, robotic vacuums have taken the lead, making it easy to clean the floors without using our hands. 

The Roomba i4 and the Roomba i8+ are two of the most famous robot vacuums on the market. 

But which one rules the most?

In this head-to-head event, I will share my thoughts: which roomba bot is the winner? 

Roomba i4 vs. i8+, let’s compare their unique features, clever mapping systems, complex cleaning technologies, and easy-to-use interfaces. 

Comparison between Roomba i4 vs. i8+

Roomba I4 Vs I8+

This whole comparison will assist you in choosing the best Roomba partner for your home, whether you’re a tech geek looking for the newest gadgets or just sick of cleaning by hand.

So, let’s buckle up and dive into the exciting battle between the Roomba i4 vs. i8+!

Materials and Durability

The high-quality design and long lifespan of the iRobot Roomba are two of the key reasons for its widespread popularity. 

Therefore, the i4 and the i8+ are built with long-lasting materials that can handle regular usage. These Roombas are constructed from aluminum and high-density polyethylene. 

The bin’s sturdy construction ensures it can contain plenty of trash for an extended period before emptying.  

Sensor Technology

A high-quality robot vacuum, as one would expect, requires proper sensors and clever navigation. 

Superior sensing capabilities may be found in both the Roomba i4 and i8+. The robot vacuum may detect the presence of dirt, debris, dust, and pet hair owing to this technology. 

In particular, the i4 uses Dirt Detect technology that has been trademarked. Plus, you’ll be able to clean them more precisely and completely.

However, the i8+ utilizes the iRobot Operating System to generate an “Imprint Smart Map” of your house. Thus, the robot becomes familiar with your home’s architecture and develops its cleaning strategy.

Suction Power and Technology

Like previous high-end Roomba vacuums, the Roomba i4 and i8+ have strong suction technology. The Roomba i4 has a Power-Lifting Suction function. In contrast, i8+ has advanced dirt detection technology.

So, they can clean ten times better than the Roomba 600 Series. It helps efficiently remove dust, debris, and pet hair from rugs and hard floors.

Dimensions and Appearance

These two robots are very similar in both appearance and function. Both the Roomba i4 and i8+ have a contemporary and stylish appearance. They also feature a dark gray/black top and a black bottom. 

A standard-sized robot vacuum is 13.26″ in width and 3.63″ in height. Because of their compact design, both iRobot vacuums are simple to transport. 

These voids are almost identical in mass, just as physical dimensions are. The combined weight of both versions is only 7.44 ounces. 

Filter Efficiency

The high-efficiency filter included with the iRobot Roomba i4 and i8+ effectively removes 99% of allergens from pet dander. These filters are intended to capture particles as minute as 0.7 microns. 

Your home’s filtration system and air quality will benefit greatly. So, the robot i4 has superior filtering if you compare it to the Roomba i8+. 

Cleaning Modes and Settings

A robot vacuum cleaner needs many modes and settings to clean the various surfaces and carpets throughout a house. 

Both the Robot Roomba i4 and i8+ have several cleaning options and modes. Both variants include dirt-detecting sensors, edge cleaning, and the ability to remotely go from room to room. Better cleaning is guaranteed thanks to their scheduling tool.

Thanks to its motorized rubber and bristle brush roll, the iRobot Roomba i4 can pick up debris and dirt from carpets and hard floors. However, automatic dirt disposal is included in the iRobot Roomba i8+.

Battery Life And Longevity

A robot vacuum cleaner should have a long-lasting battery life to clean an entire house on one charge. If you don’t, you can return to a partially cleaned house while the vacuum is recharging. 

The battery life of the Roomba i4 is up to 100 minutes. However, the i8+ can go up to 90 minutes without charging. 

When comparing the irobot Roomba i4 vs i8+ specs, the Roomba i8+ emerges victorious because of its increased cleaning time between charges.

The i8+ is best suited for bigger houses or homes with more barriers due to its long battery life. 

These iRobot Roombas, however, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Both types of lithium-ion batteries are intended to last for two years under normal conditions.

Charging Time and Duration

Both gadgets take around 120 minutes hours to fully charge the Roomba i4. Both versions are set up to return to their charging stations when the power becomes low. After being recharged, this robot will continue its cleaning cycle.

Warranty and Guarantees

The iRobot Roomba i4 and i8+, like all iRobot Roombas, are covered by a one-year limited guarantee from the company that makes them. In comparison, i8+ has 2 years of guarantee.

This guarantee covers all manufacturing and material problems. However, this guarantee does not cover abuse, alterations, or improper usage.

A 30-day money-back guarantee and a warranty for both Roomba models. Within 30 days of delivery, iRobot will accept returns for a complete refund if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Comparison Table of features of Roomba i4 vs. i8+

SpecificationRoomba i4Roomba i8+
Run TimeUp to 120 minutesUp to 180 minutes
Charging Time100 minutes2 hours
Cleaning TechnologyPower-Lifting SuctionPower-Lifting Suction
Dual Multi-Surface BrushesDual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes
Dirt Detect TechnologyYesYes
Imprint Smart MappingNoYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Voice ControlCompatible with Alexa and GoogleCompatible with Alexa and Google
Cleaning ModesAuto, Spot, Edge, ManualAuto, Spot, Edge, Manual
iAdapt NavigationiAdapt Navigation
Recharge & ResumeYesYes
Filtration SystemHigh-Efficiency FilterHigh-Efficiency Filter
Dirt Detect SensorsYes
Color OptionsBlackBlack
Weight7.44lbs7.44 pounds
Dimensions13.26 inches wide x 3.63 inches height13.26 inches wide x 3.63 inches height


Have you read the whole iRobot Roomba i4 vs i8+, Which is a better comparison? If so, you probably have a good sense of what these two top Roomba vacuums are like. 

The i4 and i8+ Roombas have the same potent and effective cleaning capabilities. Smart Mapping and obstacle avoidance are included in both versions, making it easy for them to go about your house. 

Compared to the i4, the i8+ has a bigger battery and a longer run time. The Roomba i8+ is ideal for those who want a longer cleaning cycle.

If you are here just for a comparison of the Roomba i4 vs i8+ price, then the price of the i4 is more affordable than the i8+. The i8+, on the other hand, is perfect for people who dont want less than a 5-star cleaning experience. You may expect more suction power and sophisticated functions from the Roomba i8+.

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