Roomba I3 Smart Mapping Is Not Working

Roomba I3 Smart Mapping Is Not Working?

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Without mapping, Roomba will travel aimlessly, crashing into things and veering off in new directions until its battery dies or it becomes trapped.

In reality, mapping sets Roomba apart from the competition among robotic vacuums.

Even though the Roomba i3 is an excellent robot vacuum, problems with its smart mapping capability may be a major annoyance.

To troubleshoot issues with the mapping software on your i3 smart Roomba, you must employ a combination of trial-and-error and exclusion methods. 

Although the process is multi-staged, the result is usually simple. 

But I’ll explain why your Roomba i3 smart mapping is not working and how to fix this mapping issue.

Why is my Roomba i3 smart mapping not working?

Roomba I3 Smart Mapping Is Not Working

The Roomba i3 may not have been able to complete its first mapping run

It’s possible that the Roomba i3’s failure to finish its first mapping run was caused by issues with effectively detecting and moving the area, unplanned obstacles, or a lack of battery power. These problems may cause the mapping process to be interrupted.

Due to too many obstacles in your home

The Roomba i3’s mapping abilities can be compromised by furniture and other obstructions. These obstructions may make it difficult for the robot to move freely and accurately map the environment.

The Roomba i3 may be defective

It has been reported that the Roomba i3’s smart mapping feature is malfunctioning on specific models. That Roomba piece may be defective.

Users have complained about problems such as the Roomba becoming stuck or confused when moving, inaccurate mapping, and inconsistent cleaning patterns. 

Users who bought the Roomba i3 with high hopes are becoming more dissatisfied due to these issues.

Stuck? Learn How to Reset Your Roomba i3 Easily

Due to a software glitch

The Roomba i3’s smart mapping capability is now unusable due to a continuous software bug, leaving customers without reliable navigation or thorough cleaning. 

iRobot’s upgrades are essential to fixing the problem so the product works as intended.

How can I fix my Roomba i3 smart mapping? (STEPS)

Roomba I3 Smart Mapping Is Not Working

Make sure the Roomba i3 has completed its first mapping run

To map your house, the Roomba has to be able to roam about freely. It can’t make an accurate map if it’s stuck on a carpet, chair, or other furnishings.

Remove all floor obstructions. To correctly map the floor, the Roomba requires vision. Clear the floor of any toys, shoes, or anything else that might be in the way.

Attempt a fresh mapping process. Start a fresh mapping run if Roomba still has problems navigating your house after completing the last one. Hopefully, the Roomba can make a more precise map with this new start.

Remove any obstacles from your home

In order to fix the roomba i3 smart mapping not working issue, ensure there are no huge or restricted items in the Roomba’s working area. The Roomba i3 will be able to easily accomplish its mapping task thanks to this.

Update the Roomba i3’s software

Another reason you could see a mapping error is that your gadget is running an outdated software version. If that’s the case, you will have to deal with these issues.

Therefore, you need to update to the most recent version available. The most recent Roomba software may be downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website and installed with a single click. 

According to technical support, you’ll need to run at least 2.2.5 for the functionality to function as intended.


Restart the Roomba i3

If the problem still persists, you may try restarting the device. In this case, removing the battery from your device for a short period of time should do the trick. The device may be turned back on after being turned off for at least five minutes.

Verify that the battery is securely fastened and the compartment is clean. The attachment points also need to be spotless and in good working order. If you don’t fix this, you’ll keep experiencing problems.

Contact iRobot support

Recently, Roomba’s customer service has been more active than ever. Their experts are dedicated to providing timely assistance. Don’t be shy about consulting with these pros.

Just describe the problem and see how they react. With your help, they’ll identify the root of the problem and walk you through a variety of solutions.

Similarly, if your gadget is broken, here is where you should send your warranty claim. Your replacement device is on the way when we forward your claim to the vendor. If your claim is legitimate and you didn’t cause damage to the gadget, then yes.

These professionals will do their utmost to assist you in overcoming the most fundamental performance issues, even if the warranty is null and void. This should be considered while you try various solutions.

How do I reset my Roomba i3’s mapping?

Your Roomba i3 may have its mapping reset in one of two ways:

Map Reset

Your robot’s current map will be lost forever. Here’s how to reset your map:

  1. Keep the Clean button down for 20 seconds.
  2. The Roomba i3 will beeping, and the Clean button’s lighted ring will spin quickly.
  3. Release the Clean button.
  4. The Roomba i3 will begin the mapping process from the beginning.
  5. After the first mapping, you may give the names of the rooms and set up virtual barriers via the iRobot HOME app.

Contact iRobot’s support team if you’re having trouble resetting the mapping on your Roomba i3.

Factory Reset

Your robot’s map and settings will be completely reset. Here’s how to put your Roomba i3 back to factory settings:

  1. Launch the iRobot HOME software.
  2. To do this, go to the top left of the screen and tap the vertical lines.
  3. Select “Product Settings” from the menu.
  4. Pick your Roomba i3 by tapping its name.
  5. Click “About” from the menu.
  6. Select Delete This Device from My Account.
  7. Turn on the button labeled “Save maps during factory reset” to have your robot’s maps saved in the event of a reset.
  8. Select “Factory Reset” from the menu.

Can I create multiple maps on my Roomba i3?

Roomba I3 Smart Mapping Is Not Working

The i3 Roomba is only capable of supporting a single Smart Map. You will need to remove your current Smart Map in order to remap your initial space or map a new floor in the structure you live in.

How do I delete a map on my Roomba i3?

To delete your ImprintTM Smart Map, please refer to the following instructions.

  1. To access ImprintTM Smart Maps, tap its symbol in the main menu.
  2. Choose the map you want to edit.
  3. Choose a new setting for your map by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  4. To access the app, choose the button in its upper-right corner.
  5. From that point on, you may choose from the following:
  • Delete map
  • Rename map
  • Save map orientation

Please contact iRobot Support if you continue to have problems.

Will my Roomba i3 create a new map if I move furniture?

If you simply relocate a single item, you may not need to manually remap the room since your Roomba will update its smart maps with subsequent cleaning runs.

Within a few cleaning cycles, the robot will pick up on the changed setup and provide an updated smart map through the associated app.


The fact that the Roomba i3 smart mapping is not working most of the time due to a software bug has caused users who anticipated effective cleaning routines to be frustrated. 

Fixing this problem with software updates and customer service is crucial for iRobot to win back the confidence of their customers and get their product back to working as designed.


How long does Roomba i3 mapping take?

ImprintTM Smart Maps are normally created after three (3) to five (5) cleaning missions or Mapping Runs, after which they may be modified and used in many ways. 

Does the Roomba i3 Evo have smart mapping?

Yes, Smart Mapping is available on the i3, i4, and i5 Roombas. With the help of the Smart Map, your robot can learn the basic layout of your house and clean just the rooms you choose.

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