Roomba i1 Mapping Run

Roomba i1 Mapping Run

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If you will ask me what’s the favorite feature of your IRobot Roomba? 

I will say it will be Roomba i1 mapping. Yes, because it’s so easy to use, along with it provides many benefits and ease of cleaning.

Many Roomba i1 users want to know more about the mapping, including “How to use the roomba i1 mapping”, “why roomba i1 mapping is important”, and “What are the benefits and limitations of the roomba”.

As a technology geek, let me share my technology expertise with you and provide you with a firsthand chunk of knowledge so you can have enough knowledge about the Roomba i1 Mapping.

Let’s dive in with me and read firsthand knowledge about roomba i1 mapping.

How to Use the Roomba i1 Mapping?

Roomba I1 Mapping

Mapping is a process of creating a map of your home that helps your roomba i1 irobot to navigate in your home so that it can clean all areas of your home.

It’s not too complex to use the roomba i1 mapping. You just need to take a few steps to map your home through roomba i1 mapping.

Here are the steps you should take:

Step 01: Download The Mobile Application 

Firstly, Download the mobile Application of irobot named Irobot home app roomba on your Android or IOS smartphone or tablet; once you are done with downloading the App, it is time to open the Application and create an account. 

Follow the further instructions by the Application to connect your roomba i1 to the App.

Step 02: Connect your roomba i1 with the Mobile Application

Firstly, open the iRobot Home application and Tap on the “+” icon at the top right corner of the screen. Once you tap the “+” icon, select “Add a Robot.” Choose “Roomba i1”.

Roomba I1 Mapping

The App will start searching for your Roomba i1; once it finds your device, it will automatically display the code on your smartphone screen. 

Enter that code on your roomba i1. Once you enter the main code, your device will be connected and ready to use.

Step 03: Remove Obstacles from your home

Remove obstacles that can create problems for your roomba i1 while mapping your home. The obstacle can be your furniture, toys, cords or any other object that could block your Roomba i1 way and resist it to map your home.

You should also remove unnecessary clutter from your floor. It can be your shoes, rugs and other stuff.

Step 04: Start a mapping run on your roomba i1

To start the new mapping run process on your roomba i1, you have to click the “+” icon that is placed at the top right corner of the map screen. 

If you have already created a map of your home, click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen and select the map from the menu. You will see a map now you can edit your map according to your needs.

Step 05: Roomba i1 will start exploring your home and Start creating a map

Once you start the mapping run on your roomba i1, it will start exploring and start creating a map of your sweet home. 

This process will take several cleaning cycles to complete the mapping of your home. Once Roomba i1 is done with mapping, it will indicate to you by a beep.

When the mapping is complete, you can use it to customize cleaning jobs and create NO GO zones, too.

Why is Roomba i1 mapping important?

Many Roomba users get confused and ask why Roomba i1 mapping is important for their home.

Why Is Roomba I1 Mapping Important?

Because when it is done with mapping, the map of your home becomes saved in the memory of Roomba, which helps the Roomba to memorize your home. 

The next time you use your Roomba, it will utilize the created map in its memory and clean the area of the memorized map only.

Because mapping helps to avoid obstacles

Roomba comes with multiple sensors to map your home, and sensors also identify obstacles, like cords, pets, and furniture. 

This mapping procedure helps your Roomba i1 avoid bumping into obstacles like furniture, pets, and cords.

Because mapping helps to Clean specific areas of your home

Sometimes, we do not want to clean some areas of our home; once your Roomba mapping is completed, you can use the Roomba IRobot HOME mobile app to create a virtual barrier. 

The mapping procedure allows your Roomba to avoid the specific area of your home.

How do I start a mapping run on Roomba i1?

I already mentioned the process of starting a mapping run on roomba i1 above in Step 04 of “How to use roomba i1 Mapping.” 

But, for your clear understanding, I am sharing the process again so you won’t get confused.

“Starting a mapping on roomba i1 is very easy. You have to open your “Irobot home app”.

Tap on the Roomba i1 icon on your Irobot home app, and then tap on the map button.

Find the “+” plus icon that will be at the top right corner of the screen, and click on that “+”.

At last, in order to start a mapping run on your roomba i1, Tap on “Create New map”.

Now, the mapping run has started, and it might take some time to complete the mapping process.

Note: The easiest method of starting a mapping run is by pressing and holding the “CLEAN” button on the roomba for 3 seconds only.

How do we troubleshoot the mapping problems of Roomba i1?

Sometimes you might face problems while mapping your roomba i1. Let me help you to troubleshoot mapping problems for your roomba.

Troubleshoot the mapping sensors of Roomba i1 

We all should know that while mapping your home, roomba uses many sensors to map your home. The sensors that help the roomba to create a map of your home consist of “Bumping Sensors”, “Virtual wall sensors”, and last but not least “, Optical sensors.”

If one of these sensors gets dirty or malfunctions, your roomba mapping problem won’t perform effectively.

To get rid of this tension, you should clean your mapping sensors with a soft brush and mild soapy water. 

If your sensor gets damaged, you should replace it yourself or contact iRobot customer support for replacement. 

Update your Roomba i1 firmware

To improve the performance of your roomba, Irobot releases firmware updates that help your roomba to perform more effectively.

By updating your roomba i1 firmware, you can also fix the mapping problems that you face regularly. 

Now the question is, “How to update roomba i1 firmware?”

It’s easy for you if you are a smartphone user; you have to connect your roomba to your Wi-Fi and open the iRobot Home app. The App will automatically look for updates and install it.

You can also open the Play Store or App Store to update your Smartphone Application.

Troubleshoot roomba i1 mapping by creating a new map for you roomba i1

Sometimes, roomba faces trouble during the mapping process, and you should create a new map to get rid of this problem. To create a new map, you have to start a mapping run from your iRobot Home App and start the mapping from a different location.

This process of creating a new map for your roomba i1 will vanish the problem that you are getting while mapping.

Note: I explained the process of creating a map twice in the above sections. You have to go through the process to create a new map.

Troubleshoot your roomba i1 mapping by Resetting roomba i1

If nothing works, the only solution to resolve the mapping problem is by resetting the roomba i1.

Yes, resetting fixes mapping not only problems but also other roomba i1 problems too.

Here is How you can reset your roomba?

  1. Firstly you have to turn off your roomba i1.
  2. Start by pressing and holding the Dock and Clean buttons for 10 seconds only.
  3. Once roomba beeps after 10 seconds and the flash red lights become visible, release the buttons.
  4. Now the roomba will automatically start the factory rest mode.

Contact with iRobot customer support to troubleshoot mapping problems

It’s so frustrating when, after trying all methods, you still face troubleshooting problems, but don’t worry, contact the customer support team of iRobot; they will help you resolve your issue.

How to reset Roomba i1’s map?

Resetting the roomba i1 map will resolve the problems of mapping. By resetting, you will get peace of mind and might get rid of the issue that makes you annoyed. 

Here is how to reset your roomba i1’s map:

  1. Open the iRobot Home application.
  2. Click on the roomba i1 icon.
  3. Click on the settings icon that you get in the top right corner of the smartphone screen. 
  4. Click on “RESET MAP” to reset the map of your roomba.
  5. Tap on the “RESET MAP” to confirm the process.

The process of resetting roomba is nothing surprising and difficult.

How do I create virtual barriers for my Roomba i1?

As of now, if you are a Roomba i1 owner, you already know about the virtual barriers. But many Roomba i1 owners don’t know how to create virtual barriers for their Roomba i1. 

Let me guide you with my technology expertise and help you to create virtual barriers for your room.

  1. Firstly, you should open the “iRobot HOME” application and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the Roomba i1 icon on your smartphone.
  3. Click on the “MAP” button.
  4. Now press on the plus “+” icon that is in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select the “Virtual Barrier”
  6. Now, it’s time to draw a virtual barrier on the map.
  7. Now select Save so it won’t get misplaced or deleted.

Yes, after following all the above 7 steps, your virtual barrier will be created. 

That was so easy, NO? 

Now you can create a barrier for your Roomba so I won’t clean the area that you don’t want.

What are the benefits of using a Roomba i1 with mapping?

Roomba I1 Mapping

We all must look for what we will miss out on if roomba doesn’t come with a mapping feature, what are the benefits of using a mapping feature and how roomba mapping can help our home be more effective.

Let me provide you with some of the benefits that you will get if you have a Roomba i1 with mapping capabilities.

Roomba mapping helps to avoid obstacles

What happens if roomba i1 collides or gets stuck multiple times with obstacles like furniture, pets, and cords? As far as I know, it will damage some parts of our roomba i1.

So, if you have a mapping feature in your roomba i1, it will avoid colliding and sticking with any obstacles, and your roomba will be saved and won’t ever get damaged.

Saves your time and cleans efficiently

If you will use roomba to clean your home without using a mapping feature, it won’t clean as efficiently as it cleans with a mapping feature.

It also saves time and cleans the home in less time because it takes less time to clean those areas that are already cleaned, and it takes a little more time when the area is dirty. 

That’s how the mapping feature in roomba i1 becomes a blessing and saves your time and cleans efficiently.

Mapping allows custom cleaning

Yes, you can utilize mapping features to create custom cleaning schedules. This will allow you to take control of your roomba; you can set and tell your Roomba i1 to clean the specific areas of your home at specific times.

You can schedule your roomba and order it to clean a living room twice a day and a room once a day. 

In sum, it provides you ease and control so you can customize your cleaning.

These all are the benefits of having a mapping feature in the roomba i1, so don’t overlook the mapping feature; it will provide you ease and give you peace of mind.

What are the limitations of the Roomba i1’s mapping?

We all know that “perfection is a scam”. The same goes for roomba mapping features; still, some limitations exist in the roomba i1’s mapping feature. 

So, if I am sharing the benefits of mapping, it’s my right to share the limitations of roomba i1’s mapping, too. 

Here are the limitations of roomba i1’s mapping.

It can take time to create a map

To gain the benefits of roomba i1’s mapping feature, you should first need to map your home, and mapping your home can take some amount of your time.

It can take multiple hours to map your home, but it depends on the size and area of your home.

That is one of the limitations of roomba i1’s mapping feature, but don’t worry; you have to map your home once and for all.

Inaccurate mapping of roomba i1

Sometimes, when you map your home, roomba doesn’t map your home accurately. 

While mapping, roomba might miss out on the mapping of some areas of your home, so if it maps inaccurately, there are chances of roomba getting stuck and not cleaning your home efficiently.

So, that’s why always have a look at your roomba while it is on mapping operation.

You can lose your map

Yes, while the mapping runs, if your roomba i1 battery dies or gets off the map that you are creating will be lost, and you will have to create it again once the battery becomes charged.

So, always keep your roomba battery full before starting a mapping run; otherwise, you might lose all the mapping data that your roomba i1 has created.

If you ask me, I will say that, in total, Roomba i1’s mapping is much needed and important, but as I said, no one is perfect, and these are only small limitations that won’t affect your cleaning. 


While summing up the whole guide, roomba i1 mapping is a blessing for every user who wants to save time along with cleaning their home and doesn’t want to create a mess around its home.

It’s easy to create roomba i1’s mapping. You have to open the Irobot home app roomba on your smartphone and follow the above guidelines that I explained in detail; that’s the only thing you have to do.

Mapping is very important for cleaning your home because it helps to avoid obstacles, clean the specific areas of your home, and also saves valuable time.

So that’s all from my knowledge box about the roomba i1’s mapping.


How long does it take for Roomba i1 to map my home?

According to iRobot, the owner of Roomba i1, it might take around 3 to 5 mappings to map your home.

It will still depend on the size of your home; if your home size is a little larger, it will take some time, but if your home size is not too large, it won’t take a lot of time.

Can I edit my Roomba i 1’s map?

Yes, you can edit your roomba i1’s map using the iRobot HOME app. You have to follow some editing guidelines. 

Can I share my Roomba i1’s map with others?

No, Still now you cannot share roomba maps from one roomba to another roomba model, but IRobot is working on that feature so you can share roomba maps with others.

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