Roomba Charging Error 5

Roomba Charging Error 5

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Roomba users all across the globe are becoming frustrated with the Roomba Charging Error 5.

Because of this frustrating problem, the robotic vacuum cannot be charged effectively, rendering it an ineffective cleaning partner.

To fix this roomba charging error 5, the first step you should take is to ensure that the power cable is firmly inserted into the outlet and whether the outlet is getting electricity or not.

In this article, I will discuss the further causes of Roomba charging error 5 and why so many people are experiencing it. 

Prepare to learn how to fix Roomba charging error 5 and continue with your regular cleaning schedule.

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What causes the ‘Roomba charging Error 5?

Roomba error itself alerts with roomba charging error 5 that’s a clear indication that the issue is with charging.

Roomba is supposed to charge itself automatically; if it doesn’t, it will cease operating and show an error message.

If you are facing Roomba charging Error 5 that usually means the robot isn’t getting its charge, whether because of a faulty charging cable, dirty charging connections, or a faulty battery.

The problem should be easy to diagnose and fix; if the cable of your charging ports is defective. However, if you suspect that the battery is at fault, you should get a new one.

How do I fix a charging error 5?

Roomba Charging Error 5

After providing you with the causes of Roomba charging error 5, I couldn’t resist myself to help you to get rid of roomba charging error 5.

That’s why I wrote 7 possible solutions that you could implement to get rid of roomba charging error 5.

Start from right here:

1. Clean the Battery and Terminal Contacts

Roomba Charging Error 5

Roomba robot charging error 5 might occur if carbon (or dust) has built up on the battery or dock contacts. If so, try cleaning the battery and dock terminal connections.

  1. First, disconnect the device’s base by removing its four screws. Take the Roomba Robot’s bottom screws out.
  2. Second, if it’s a brand-new device, take off the yellow battery tag and throw it away.
  3. After that, make the terminals straight and check to see if any contacts or terminals are bent.
  4. A pink or magic eraser (the kind used with lead pencils) should then be used to wipe the battery connections and dock contacts. Roomba Robot Battery Terminal Cleaning
  5. Replace the battery and the bottom cover. 5. Remove any dirt or debris from the Roomba’s battery contacts.
  6. After that, clean the Roomba robot’s charging ports as well. Wipe Down the Dock and Roomba Robot’s Power Sources.
  7. After charging the Roomba for at least 16 hours, check whether error 5 has been resolved.

If that doesn’t work, try rubbing alcohol (or vinegar with a toothbrush) to clean the battery and dock connections and see if that fixes the Roomba issue.

If the problem continues, try charging the Roomba by plugging it into an outlet directly (no dock required) until the Clean button begins flashing green.

2. Clean the whole body

Roomba Charging Error 5

Once the charging ports have been cleared of dust and carbon buildup, the roller brush, side brush, and battery compartment should be cleaned.

It prevents dirt and grime from accumulating in the areas around the docking plates and batteries, which might lead to issues.

To accomplish this, first, remove the battery plate and then use a dry towel to wipe off the inside and exterior.

3. Replace the Battery

Roomba Charging Error 5

Roomba batteries might overheat due to their heavy daily usage and lack of relaxation. 

Their lifetime is 1-2 years, depending on how often and how well you use them.

After their maximum number of charging cycles has been reached, you should expect to see a decrease in performance and increased temperature.

  1. The first thing you need to do is check that you’re using authentic Roomba-approved batteries.
  2. Never use fake batteries; they’ll reduce your device’s efficiency and maybe even break it.
  3. After several charging cycles, you need to replace your batteries.
  4. To see whether it still works, you may use an old battery.

4. Restarting the power

Don’t worry; it’s as easy as plugging anything back in. Your previously saved adjustments and mappings will remain intact.

If a software fault caused the error 5 problem, this should hopefully resolve it.

Hold down the “Dock” and “Spot” keys for a combined total of around 15 seconds. Once the vacuum has been restarted, insert the charging cable directly into the vacuum (rather than using the docking station) and let it charge for at least three hours.

5. Remove The Yellow Label

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is not charging correctly, as indicated by error code 5. The robot’s charging port label must be removed since it is blocking the port.

Important product and warranty details are listed on the yellow label, which can be found on the underside of most robots. 

Roomba will be able to detect the charging port after the yellow sticker is removed.

6. Set the factory reset

A Factory Reset deletes all data from a device and restores it to its factory defaults. It is a common method for fixing technological glitches, such as billing mistakes. 

If you’re experiencing Roomba charging error 5, try a factory reset. This will return the device to its previous settings and may fix the problem.

Roomba factory reset instructions:

  1. To begin, make sure the gadget is unplugged.
  2. Then, for the next ten seconds or so, hold down the “CLEAN” and “SPOT” buttons together.
  3. The device’s Factory Reset procedure might take a few minutes to finish after step 3.
  4. The Roomba should be ready for usage after the cleaning process is complete.

Get in touch with the support

If your solution is still not resolved by implementing the above 6 possible solutions, then you should get in touch with Roomba’s support staff if error 5 appears when you attempt to charge your robot vacuum.

The help desk staff should be able to provide you with step-by-step directions on how to fix the problem.

In most cases, this means inspecting the charger, battery, and power cable for wear and tear. 

They may also recommend changing the Roomba’s battery or charging system. Instructions for making these adjustments are detailed above.

If this does not resolve the problem, the support staff may request the Roomba’s model and serial number. Also, if you need a new battery or charger, they may be able to provide you with one.


Fixing Roomba charging error 5 requires rebooting the robot and verifying that it is properly connected to a power source. 

The battery compartment and its associated wires need your attention as well. The charging problem should be fixed, and your Roomba should start working again if you follow the procedures above.


Why are Roomba error codes used?

Roomba error codes are always used to denote particular problems like: 

Roomba charging error 1, Roomba charging error 6, and roomba charging error 5 these all problems fall under the umbrella of charging error with different kinds of problems. 

Like as;

Roomba charging error 1 denotes the charging error that tries to convey that the battery is not properly installed.

On the other side;

Roomba charging error 6 indicates that your battery is not charging.

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