Roomba Charging Error 3

Roomba Charging Error 3

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It’s frustrating when your Roomba won’t charge efficiently, leaving your floors uncleaned and your cleaning schedule disturbed.

Roomba Charging Error 3 problem indicates that the charging mechanism is malfunctioning. This can be caused due to weak battery, out-of-date software, or other factors.

If your Roomba is also causing troubles while cleaning and charging error 3 is making things even more troublesome.

No worries;

So, let’s get started and fix Roomba’s charging error 3, ensuring your floors can once again be cleaned.

Why Does Roomba Charging Error 3 Occur?

When Roombas shows Charging Error 3, it usually means the charging system isn’t functioning properly, and you might need to get a new Roomba if the problem persists. 

Numerous iRobot Roomba models, including the 520, 891, and I, j series, are susceptible to the Roomba Charging Error 3 problem.

As mentioned above, it indicates that the charging mechanism is malfunctioning, which may be caused by several factors, including but not limited to a weak battery or out-of-date software.

How To Fix Roomba Charging Error 3?

Roomba Charging Error 3

Here’s how to fix Roomba charging error 3 in a few simple ways;

Follow this guide and kick out your confusion.

Step 1: Inspect The Power Supply

Roomba Charging Error 3

Ensure the charging dock’s power cable is securely inserted into an active power outlet to check the power supply. To ensure it is operating properly, try connecting a different device to the same outlet.

Step 2: Clean The Charging Connectors

Roomba Charging Error 3

Your Roomba’s inability to connect to the home base is one of the primary causes why it is giving you this problem. Usually, this occurs because the charging connections are dirty.

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In this case, cleaning the charging terminals is the key action. It is how:

  1. Take the bottom case and four bolts. Check for any damaged terminals or connections, and if necessary, make repairs as needed.
  2. Use a pink or magic rubber to clean the battery and dock connections.
  3. Reattach the battery and replace the bottom cover.
  4. Now let your room charge for 12 hours to see whether Error 3 
  5. disappears.
  6. Make sure the Roomba and the home base’s charging ports are clean.

Step 3: Replace Battery

Roomba Charging Error 3

With 400 charge cycles, the Roomba battery typically lasts 1-2 years. Dead batteries have a short lifespan and may be charged and discharged quickly. Before replacing the device, the battery must be replaced.

A heated (overworked) battery might fail to charge all the way. Before charging a battery, allowing it to calm down is recommended.

Step 4: Inspect the Charging dock of your roomba

Roomba Charging Error 3

If the previous step does not resolve the charging error 3, the problem may be caused by a faulty or damaged power cord. Here’s how to determine if this is true:

  1. First, ensure there is no physical damage to your charging dock or power cable that might result in a short circuit.
  2. If the charging dock, power cord, or power cable is damaged or defective, consider replacing it with a new one.

Step 5: Reset/Replace Your Roomba 

You should get a new one if your Roomba has a malfunctioning charging system. However, by restarting your battery, you may be able to prevent it.

  1. Examine your vacuum’s charger and power cable; replace them if necessary.
  2. Press your robot’s side buttons for 10 seconds to reset the vacuum.
  3. To disable the sensors on your Roomba, press and hold the back button for 5 seconds.
  4. After ten seconds, tap and hold these controls simultaneously for five seconds.
  5. To do a hard reset on your Roomba, disconnect it from power. Wait two to three minutes, then reconnect the device to its power source.

Step 6: Replace the Motherboard

Roomba Charging Error 3

You will need a new motherboard for your Roomba if none of the solutions described above work. If you have technical knowledge, you can perform the task yourself. Listed below are the steps:

  • Purchase a motherboard from an iRobot or Amazon store.
  • Also, you can replace the motherboard in your room by watching a video tutorial on YouTube.

Step 7: Contact Roomba Support

If the Roomba charging error 3 still occurs after attempting the fixes listed above, it can indicate a more serious problem with your Roomba’s internal parts.

In these circumstances, it is advised to contact the Roomba support staff or consult the user guide for more guidance. If there is a problem, they can tell you exactly how to fix it or advise you on what to do.

You can also watch a Youtube video to fix charging error 3 .


If you’re experiencing Roomba charging error 3, don’t worry; the problem can be easily fixed by following the troubleshooting instructions above.

By inspecting the power supply and cleaning the charging contacts, you can restore the charging capacity of your Roomba and get it back to clean your floors effectively. 

Do not hesitate to contact Roomba support for more help if the issue continues. Now you can end your charging problems and watch as your Roomba easily cleans and organizes your house.


Can A Bad Power Outlet Lead To Roomba Charging Error 3?

Roomba may have difficulty charging if the power outlet does not provide an uninterrupted power source or if there is a problem with the electrical connection. 

Determine if the error is caused by the power source by connecting the charging dock to an alternative electrical receptacle.

Does The Roomba Charging Error 3 Signify A Problem With The Battery?

Error 3 on a Roomba often indicates a problem with the charging or docking mechanism, but it may also be a sign of a battery issue.

It’s possible that the Roomba won’t get enough power to adequately charge the battery if it can’t make a good charging connection. In such situations, the battery’s capacity may not reach its full potential or discharge rapidly.

How Will You Determine If The Battery In Your Roomba Needs Replacement?

  • The battery only lasts for a short time.
  • The battery can’t keep its charge.
  • The power indicator does not illuminate. Taking care of and resetting the battery does not affect its performance.

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