Roomba Charging Error 2

Roomba Charging Error 2

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Smart gadgets have become like oxygen in our daily lives, and this busy life is much more difficult to handle without these devices.

What will exactly happen if any of the dependent devices like Roomba start malfunctioning? 

To be more précise, I’m talking about Roomba charging error 2, which your dear robot vacuum is repeatedly showing.

This charging error 2 means your Roomba’s battery is causing the problem, but what to do, and how to fix the issue now?

So just relax, as I will explain all about Roomba charging error 2, the reasons for the error, and how you can fix the issue. Be ready and try applying my solution.

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What Is Exactly Roomba Charging Error 2?

Roomba Charging Error 2

If your Roomba robotic vacuum displays the error message Roomba Charging Error 2, it means there is an issue with the charging procedure. This error prevents the Roomba from charging its battery or connecting to the charging dock.

Usually, the Roomba’s display will show the message “Charging Error 2”, or the mobile app will notify it. It indicates a problem impeding the Roomba from charging as intended.

What Are The Causes Of Roomba Charging Error 2?

I always have a belief that everything happens for a reason in our lives, and the same goes for technology. 

Here are the reasons mentioned below that tell why roomba charging error 2 is appearing on the screen: 

  • Reason 1: Power Supply Problems
  • Reason 2: Battery Issues
  • Reason 3: Dirty Charging Contacts

Let’s explore each reason one by one so you can get a clean and clear idea about it.

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Reason 1: Power Supply Problems

A faulty power source might potentially cause Charging Error 2. If the power supply does not deliver the right voltage or is damaged, the Roomba may not charge correctly.

Reason 2: Battery Issues

A damaged or aging battery might cause Charging Error 2. The Roomba can have trouble charging if the battery is unable to maintain a charge or appropriately communicate its charging status.

Reason 3: Dirty Charging Contacts

The Roomba’s charging connections and the docks may get clogged with dust, dirt, and debris over time. This accumulation may prevent the proper electrical connection required for charging to occur.

 How To Fix Roomba Charging Error 2?

Here are some of the effective yet simple troubleshooting steps to get rid of your Roomba error notification on its display;

Step 1: Always Use Original Batteries

The use of non-original batteries causes the majority of battery errors. iRobot always recommends that its customers use official and authentic Lithium-Ion Batteries. 

As a result of the incompatibility of local batteries and the defects they cause, it impairs their functional performance.

Always utilize genuine Roomba parts, batteries, and other accessories. Local or counterfeit batteries may function briefly, but the Roomba will eventually cease detecting non-original batteries and refuse to charge.

Step 2: Check the Power Source

Sometimes the power source of electrical equipment is the main cause of the error, and by fixing this problem, Roomba charging error 2 automatically resolves.

Here’s how you can do so;

  1. Conduct a visual inspection of the power supply for any damage or loose connections.
  2. Verify that the power cord or cable is connected to the charging dock and the power receptacle.
  3. Use a genuine Roomba power supply to avoid compatibility issues.
  4. Verify the functionality of the power supply using another device.

Step 3: Clean Battery Charging Stations

The Roomba battery is installed on the rear of your device and is secured with multiple fasteners at each corner.

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  1. Initially, use a screwdriver to unscrew all of the fasteners.
  2. Now. Remove the Roomba device’s rear covering.
  3. Remove the battery with care.
  4. The battery is somewhat difficult to remove, so take care not to damage it.
  5. Wipe its exterior surfaces with a clean cloth.
  6. Tighten all of the fasteners and replace the device’s cover.

Step 4: Restart Roomba

Mostly a simple restart is enough if the problem continues on electrical equipment. It can fix minor problems with the Roomba, so follow the steps to do so.

  1. Press the “CLEAN” button for approximately 10 seconds on the Roomba.
  2. Release the button when a tone is heard.
  3. This reset can assist in resolving transient software or communication problems.

Step 5: Remove The The Hurdles

Always inspect the Roomba’s rear cover and battery for obstructions, such as hair or grime particulates, whenever the cover and battery are opened. In reality, they obstruct the connection area and do not transmit electricity.

When purchasing a Roomba for the first time, you may not have yet removed the yellow cover that is inserted inside; this must be done for the vacuum to function.

Step 6: Install The Battery The Proper Way

You may not have seated the battery properly if you attempted the above-mentioned techniques and opened your Roomba device before closing its lid and tightening the screws.

  1. Always secure all fasteners to prevent the cover from becoming open.
  2. Ensure that battery terminals are in contact with the metal contacts on the Roomba.
  3. Verify that no blocking object is within it.

Step 7: Resetting the Battery 

Resetting the battery is the last step when all simple troubleshooting steps don’t work. Follow the steps below to do a battery reset on Roomba:

  1. Use the user manual’s instructions to remove the Roomba battery.
  2. Remove the battery and press and hold the Roomba’s power button for 10 seconds to drain any remaining power.
  3. Reconnect the Roomba’s battery.

Place the Roomba on the docking station and let it charge for at least 72 hours; in some cases, this prolonged charging period may reset the battery and fix charging difficulties.

Step 8: Contact Support Services

It is recommended to contact Roomba customer care if the charging problem still occurs after trying the aforementioned methods. They may give further advice, offer more detailed solutions, or set up a repair or replacement if required.

Make sure to have the following ready for quick service:

  1. Your robot is charged and present.
  2. The serial number for your robot.
  3. A receipt of purchase (receipt or invoice for purchase from any authorized retailer) is required for warranty claims.

Possible causes and solutions of charging error 2 fixes (Quick Table)

I have created a quick table that includes the possible causes along with their solutions so you can get enough solutions to resolve your charging error 2 problems without a doubt.

Possible CausesSolutions
Misaligned charging dockRealign the charging dock and remove any obstructions
Power source issuesVerify power outlet functionality and try a different outlet
Dirty charging contactsClean charging contacts with a soft cloth
Faulty charging dock or Roomba batteryContact customer support or seek professional assistance


Usually, a communication breakdown between the robot and the Home Base charging station is the root of Roomba charging error 2.

This error indicates that the robot cannot connect with the Home Base’s charging contacts. First, verify that the Home Base is inserted into a functional power outlet and that the power charger is securely connected. 

Then, clear the charging contacts on both the robot and the Home Base to eliminate any grime or debris that may be blocking the connection. If the charging error 2 problem continues, contact Roomba’s customer care for more help.


What is Roomba charging error 3?

Roomba Charging error 3 means the error that you are getting in your charging is due to the power supply.

What is Roomba charging error 4?

Roomba charging error 4 means that the error is caused due to a defective battery. 

What is Roomba charging error 5?

Roomba charging error 5 means charging error can be due to overheating and due to any faulty charging system.

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