Roomba Charging Error 11

Roomba Charging Error 11

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Imagine counting on your dependable robot to take care of your cleaning, only to find that it has abruptly stopped and is now flashing the terrible Roomba Charging Error 11.

Your reliable robotic companion is cleaning your floors when it suddenly stops and displays a strange error message.

What does it indicate? What is the cause of this electronic mystery? 

So, to keep it simple, it is a battery problem either on the Roomba vacuum or with a charging dock. It may indicate that Roomba is not detecting the battery.

But don’t worry! If you’ve encountered Roomba charging Error 11, this blog is here to help you fix the problem and restore full functionality to your robotic helper. 

What does Roomba Charging Error 11 mean?

If your Roomba displays a charging error 11, this might be a battery hardware problem. Either your Roomba is not detecting the battery due to a faulty battery, dirty charging contacts, or some other issue.

It signals a charging system issue, which might be caused by a defective charging station, Roomba or dock charging connections, or charging circuitry difficulties. 

Note; There is a difference between Roomba Error and Roomba charging error.

Roomba charging error 11; means the problem is with charging.

Roomba error 11; If error 11 is in roomba (e and i series) it means that your roomba is experiencing a lack of airflow.

How To Fix Roomba Charging Error 11 On Different Models?

Roomba Charging Error 11

To solve the Roomba Charging error 11, here are possible solutions that can fix battery or charging issues:


Solution 1: Install The Battery Correctly

Cleaning the Roomba’s charging connections and wiping the battery points might result in the battery being moved out of its proper position, resulting in Roomba charging error 11.

    1. Make sure you’ve tightened the screws on the Roomba’s back case.
    2. Ensure that the power hub and the battery charging ports are in touch.
  • Make sure there is nothing in the way of the charging contact.

Solution 2: Always Use a Genuine Battery

Never purchase low-quality products or accessories to complement your original, costly brand-name items. 

They will always damage your vacuum motor, resulting in Roomba Charging Error 11, and you cannot maintain a seamless performance for an extended period.

Use only the Roomba-recommended authentic parts, batteries, and accessories.

Although local or fake batteries can temporarily work for you, the Roomba will eventually stop identifying non-original batteries and may start making strange noises and becoming noisier.

Solution 3: Check The Power Source

Roomba Charging Error 11

First, make sure the charging base for your Roomba is plugged into an active power outlet. By connecting to another device, you can make sure the outlet is working. 

If the charging base still doesn’t charge, try plugging it into a different outlet. If the new outlet powers the charging base, there may be an issue with the first outlet.

Troubleshooting Roomba Charging Errors:

Solution 4: Clean the Charging Connectors

Roomba Charging Error 11

Corroded or dirty charging contacts can hinder charging. Use a dry cloth to clean the metal charging connections on the Roomba vacuum and the charging base. 

Ensure that the contacts are free of grit, residue, and contaminants. It will assist in establishing a correct charging connection.

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Solution 5: Restart Roomba

After resetting the device, the majority of electronic devices function normally as a result of the possibility that sometimes a software error prevents the device from functioning correctly. 

Restarting the Roomba device is effective if an internal communications error occurs.

For S and I series models:

  1. Firstly, press Clean, and hold it for approximately 20 seconds till the white LED starts spinning. 
  2. Please hold on a moment.
  3. Activate the Roomba and verify that it is functioning correctly.

For the 600, 800, and 900 series; 

  1. Press and hold the Clean button for approximately 20 seconds till you hear a sound.
  2. Your device will restart when you allow the Roomba to turn on.

Solution 6: Reset the Charging Base

A simple reset can sometimes rectify charging errors. Take the charging base away from its wall connector and give it a minute to rest without electricity. 

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Roomba should be taken out of the charging base while it is disconnected. After one minute, reconnect the charging base and position the Roomba on it. It can reset the battery charging system.

Solution 7: Reset the Roomba

A reset restores your Roomba to its factory default settings, which may help if the error was caused by one of your battery settings. 

But remember that when you factory reset your Roomba, your personalized settings and house layouts are lost. The device must be linked to the iRobot Home app to do a factory reset on your Roomba.

    1. In the iRobot Home app, go to the Settings menu and choose the Factory Reset option.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the factory reset.
  • After accepting the prompt, the Roomba will initiate the factory reset procedure, allowing the reset to complete.

Solution 8: Contact Support

If you’ve tried all the methods outlined above and are still unable to solve the issue, the issue was likely created by the manufacturer of your device. You may contact Roomba Official Support.

They will undoubtedly point you in the right direction and solve your problem. Additionally, if you inquire about the warranty for your gadget, they will be happy to swap the required accessories.


Roomba charging error 11 indicates an issue with the battery or charging system. First, ensure the charging dock is properly connected and clean the charging connections to fix this. 

Any temporary problems may be resolved by restarting the charging dock and the Roomba. Also, try a different power outlet or converter to ensure the power source works properly. 

If the problem continues, you should contact Roomba’s support team for guidance. If anything goes wrong, they can repair or replace your equipment.

Don’t forget to check the handbook if you need help with your particular Roomba model.


Can I use Roomba charging error 11 solutions on all models?

Yes, if your roomba model is roomba 960, roomba e5 or any other model, you can use the above solutions to tackle your problem.

What is roomba charging error 18?

If your roomba is getting roomba charging error 18, that denotes any type of communication problem between your roomba and battery.

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