Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off

Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes off?

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Do you enjoy the convenience of cleaning your household with a Roomba vacuum cleaner? If that’s the case, you’re certainly not alone.

These convenient tools are often used by busy homeowners like us who need efficient floor maintenance.

But it might be a significant setback if you’re having trouble with your Roomba, as the Roomba charging dock light goes off.

Don’t worry if it’s happening so, as this problem can be primarily resolved by simply restarting the device.

Here I’ll tell you a few easy things you can further do to fix the problem and again enjoy the advantages of a clean house with little effort.

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Why is Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off?

Why Is Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off?

The green light on the Roomba charging station turns off on purpose so that the vacuum cleaner can reach full charge in as little time as possible without spending any power on the light.

With that in mind, consider the other potential reasons why your Roomba charging dock light won‎’t stay On:

  1. Contact Points Issue
  2. Power Adapter Issue
  3. Wrong Battery Position
  4. Outlet Fault
  5. Battery Issue

How To Fix If Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off?

If your Roomba charging dock light goes off, there are a few common solutions you should use to get rid of the issue as soon as possible.

How To Fix If Roomba Charging Dock Light Goes Off?

Power Cycle The Dock

Restarting your dock is the first and easiest step you can take. It will force the gadget to release any leftover charge, which might prevent more issues later on.

I restart my Roomba device by following these steps. You can restart your charging station for your Roomba by following these too:

  1. Disconnect the dock’s AC adapter from the wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect the power supply and set it aside for five minutes.
  3. Place the power adapter and test the dock after it has discharged.
  4. Try plugging the Roomba back into its charging station after the power cycle. If that option is not successful, go on to the next one.

Remove Grime And Filth

You should regularly clean the rolling and main wheels because dirt can gather on them. Over time, the body can become unappealing and more significant, making it impossible to connect with the power outlets of the dock.

Ensure Proper Battery Positioning

If your Roomba’s battery gets displaced during delivery, don’t worry; simply remove the battery compartment, put it back where it belongs, and it’ll resume charging just where it left off.

The Roomba runs on rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which may be rapidly depleted if not properly cared for.

Use Another Outlet

If the problem persists after these measures, the electrical socket you use to charge the dock may malfunction.

Please use a wall outlet to power your charging dock if you use a charging strip or divider.

If you need to charge your dock at a different outlet, remove it from the one it’s presently hooked into. Verify that the Roomba may now be charged while docked.

Try With Normal Charging

After trying all these methods, you should know that if your Roomba charger dock isn’t charging, you may charge it separately.

See whether the problem is the dock by independently testing Roomba’s charging capacity.

If you don’t have a dock, you may still charge your Roomba by plugging its charging connector into a standard power outlet.

If your Roomba can be charged independently using an AC power adapter, you will need to get a new charging station and eventually dismiss the old one.

Hard Reset The Roomba

Hard resetting will reset the Roomba to default settings. It will remove all configurations and customizations done with the Robot and all the bugs and errors with the Roomba, and after the update, you get to have a brand new Roomba model. I usually do a hard reset if the things mentioned above do not work for me.

  1. To Hard reset Roomba, press and hold the clean button for at least ten seconds
  2. When the light indicator flashes, release the button, and Roomba will restart like a new model.


Is My Roomba Charging Properly?

If you push the Roomba’s CLEAN button while charging, the LED indicator light will flash to let you know everything is going as it should.

Should I Always Have Roomba Connected To Power?

The battery life of your Roomba will go down if you always charge it. Even though Roomba will automatically cease charging once the battery is full, leaving it plugged in for any time might shorten its lifespan.

When Should A New Battery Be Installed In A Roomba?

The battery in a Roomba can be completely charged in approximately 2 hours, but it will only survive until roughly 400 recharges. 

That implies proper maintenance and use; the battery should last around two to three years. 

The battery has to be cared for properly. Thus, it should be stored somewhere cool and dry, charged at regular intervals, and not left uncharged for long periods.


You may do a few things if the Roomba charging dock light goes off, blinks out too rapidly or does not turn on at all. 

I have explained several potential fixes, ranging from restarting the charging source and restarting the Roomba to examining the power supply and cleaning the charging connections.

If these solutions don’t work, you may need to contact the manufacturer or try replacing the battery. Following these instructions, your Roomba will always be charged and prepared to clean your house.

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