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iRobot Roomba i8+ Review

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The iRobot Roomba i8+ is a game-changing innovation in household cleaning. This robotic vacuum’s cutting-edge design and technology allow it to easily move about your house, thoroughly cleaning every surface.

Its high suction guarantees a thorough cleaning, and its self-emptying function avoids the need for regular maintenance.

The Roomba i8+ is a global trend, with users praising how much time it saves them and how well it performs.

Forget about time-consuming, manual cleaning and welcome the iRobot Roomba i8+, the future of automated cleaning. 

Let this incredible machine work hard while you kick back and relax.

“The iRobot Roomba i8+ is a superhero robot vacuum with HEPA filter, dirtbag, virtual barrier device, Dirt Detect tech, Smart Mapping skills, AI-enhanced cleaning, excellent battery life, and self-emptying capabilities. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great option for those who want a robot vacuum that can do it all.”

Review of the Roomba Combo i8+, a robotic vacuum that can mop floors

iRobot Roomba i8+ review

Battery and Capacity of roomba i8+

The lithium-ion battery for the Roomba i8+ is 2210 mAh, making it 20% bigger than the battery on the i7+. The i8+ can be used for up to 90 minutes

That’s plenty to mop around 200 square feet (2.1 square meters) of tile, vinyl, or other flat, hard flooring.

The i8+’s improved battery life means it can clean slightly longer before returning to its Clean Base charging station. 

After recharging, the cleaning process will pick back up where the i8+ left off. A huge benefit, and no worries about battery life.

The automated dirt disposal bags in the self-emptying i8+ may go without being emptied for up to 60 days while you relax and let it do the cleaning for you. According to evaluations and tests, the Clean Base bags can store enough trash for 30 cleaning cycles.

Size Dimensions and Weight of roomba i8+

The Roomba i8+ measures 13.26 inches in width, 13.34 inches in length, and 3.63 inches in height. Because of its low profile, it may easily pass under low furniture like coffee tables.

The i8+ weighs in at 3.374 kg and 7.44 lbs. It’s light enough to pick up and transport to a different room or level of your house. The convenience of transporting it from one cleaning location to another is undeniable.

Edge Sweeping Brush and Two Brush Rollers

Unlike other robot vacuum companies, iRobots are equipped with multi-surface rubber brushes. Bristle brushes are standard on Roomba 600 series machines and those of competing companies. 

The innovative rubber brushes allow for easier, more thorough cleaning and reduce the frequency and severity of hair tangles. If you use bristle brushes, you’ll have to spend more time manually removing hair from the bristles. 

Do you have a mix of flooring types in your house? The Roomba i8+ has surface-sensing brush rollers that can alter their height automatically.

The i8+ will adjust the height to remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from low and high piles of carpeting, rugs, hardwood, and other surfaces. 

The i8+ is equipped with an Edge-Sweeping Brush to clean along walls and corners. 

Because of its iconic round design, the Roomba’s edge-sweeping brush can’t perform an exceptional cleaning job, but it does a respectable one. Sometimes, you’ll have to physically remove the trash.

Filters of irobot roomba i8+

High-Efficiency filters on the Roomba i8+ capture 99% of allergens, dirt, dust mites, and other particles, keeping your home clean and healthy. They aren’t quite as effective as HEPA filters but do well anyway.

If you have cats or dogs, you’ll be relieved to hear that the allergies they produce may also be trapped. Those of you who suffer from allergies will certainly value that. 

The Roomba i8+ Costco model comes with one additional replacement filter for two replacement filters in the package. 

Depending on how frequently you use your Roomba, it’s recommended that you replace the filters every two to three months. 

Suction Power and Cleaning Technology of roomba i8+

iRobot’s Premium 3-Stage Cleaning system, included with the Roomba i8+, is designed to maximize the vacuum’s effectiveness.

It’s one of the most potent robot vacuums for thorough cleaning, with suction force 10x times that of Roomba 600 models. 

Carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors are easily cleaned thanks to the 1700 Pa force-Lifting suction force and 3-stage system. 

Do you ever find some areas in your house to be dirtier than others? Any stubborn stains? The i8+’s exclusive Dirt Detect Technology means you won’t have to track down those spots.

The robot vacuum’s dirt sensor will identify particularly grimy areas and double-check them by cleaning them twice. 

Clean base and self-emptying feature of roomba i8+

Most consumers shopping for a robot vacuum will be looking for functions like “Self Emptying” and “Clean Base station.” 

That’s something you get with the Plus+ Roombas, which have dustbins that they empty on their own when they become full. 

Debris, dirt, and dust may be stored in the self-emptying dock for up to 60 days. 

The i8+ may be set to clean at certain intervals while you’re busy doing anything else. 

Maps and intelligent Navigation of irobot roomba i8+

The iAdapt 3.0 Smart Navigation and Imprint Smart Mapping System are included in the Roomba i8+.

There are several benefits to cleaning in straight lines, including the ability to tailor the process to individual needs.

The i8+ camera sensors are equipped with smart navigation and mapping technologies that enable it to learn your home’s layout, create smart maps for each level, and adjust to your home’s architecture to find the most efficient cleaning paths.

If your home has more than one level, you may take the i8+ from room to room while it cleans itself, thanks to its ability to save up to 10 alternative floor layouts.

You can even command the i8+ to do chores around the house, thanks to its compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant.

iRobot Roomba i8+ Pros and Cons

IRobot Roomba I8+ ReviewPros of irobot roomba i8+

  1. Customized cleaning recommendations based on your learning style and geographical location.
  2. Compatible with smart home integration 
  3. Has all of the greatest features in the whole Roomba lineup (apart from the S9+) 
  4. Has customizable cleaning schedules
  5. 60 days of dirt may be stored in the base unit.
  6. Effective against pet fur
  7. Ability to remember routes over several floors
  8. No Manual Cleaning Required 

Cons of irobot roomba i8+

  1. More expensive
  2. A membership to Costco is required. 

What will you get in the box of irobot roomba i8+?

If you purchase Irobot roomba i8+, you will get 1 Roomba i8+ robot vacuum, 1 Clean Base with Automatic Dirt Disposal technology, 2 extra high-efficiency filters, 1 dual-mode virtual wall barrier, and 4 dirt disposal bags.

What’s the price of the iRobot roomba i8+?

According to the official manufacturer Irobot, Irobot roomba i8+ price is 799$, but it can vary depending on the retailer.

You can purchase it from Amazon or any other store.

Final Thoughts (Roomba i8+ Review)

The iRobot Roomba i8+ is a high-quality robot vacuum that efficiently and effectively cleans your floors. Costco’s Roomba i8+ package is a good deal because it has extra tools. 

  • 1 digitally-created, double-walled enclosure
  • Extra battery capacity of 20%
  • Included: 2 additional AllergenLock Disposal bags (4 bags in total).
  • 2 filters, 1 of which is a super-efficient model


How much does irobot provide a product warranty for the roomba i8+?

Irobot roomba i8+ provides 1 year of warranty that you can claim within a year.

Which is better: i7+ or i8+?

Irobot Roomba i8+ is better because its battery lasts 90 minutes more than the i7+ on a single charge, and Roomba i8+ comes with a virtual wall barrier, 2 filters, and 4 dirt disposal bags that Roomba i7+ does not come with any of them.

Does Roomba i8+ work on the carpet?

Yes, roomba i8+ has the capability to work on the carpet that you have in your home, but remember, if the carpet is a little high, it won’t be able to work. 

Does Roomba i8+ have mapping?

Yes, the Roomba i8+ has the power of mapping. It uses smart mapping technology to learn and understand the layout and area of your home.

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