How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

How To Use Roomba On Multiple Floors?

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When you buy a Roomba robot vacuum, you may expect it will clean your floors without hassle.

But what if you reside in a multi-story house or organization? Can just one Roomba robot do multiple floors?

Yes, a Roomba can clean several floors. The robot vacuum will instantly map any new floor that it doesn’t know. Some Roomba units have a memory that can hold up to 10-floor plans. 

But the device can’t go up and down stairs by itself, so you’ll have to carry it between floors yourself. Invest in extra home bases on each level to provide a more seamless experience. 

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Let’s explore how to use Roomba on multiple floors.

How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

A Roomba can clean multiple floors but cannot navigate stairs by itself. To clean multiple floors, you must manually move cleaning materials to each floor, as self-sufficient vacuums such as Roomba cannot ascend stairs.

Multiple-floor cleaning with a Roomba is more difficult than scrubbing a single floor. But it doesn’t imply cleaning multiple floors is impossible.

There are several alternatives to utilizing Roomba to clean multiple surfaces. Some use a second home base/charging station, move Roomba from floor to floor by hand, and more.

You should recognize immediately that your Roomba is ideal for cleaning multiple floors. Some models even have features made specifically for that purpose.

Method to use Roomba on Multiple Floors

There are two methods for using Roomba across multiple floors. In both cases, however, you must manually transport the robot vacuum between floors.

Method 01 Carry Roomba manually between floors.

Roombas are smart enough to recognize when they are on a new floor they have never been before. Once Roomba detects a new floor, it will begin mapping the surface. After a few passes, Roomba will have mapped the entire floor.

To use Roomba on multiple floors, it must be entirely charged, transported to the next floor, and placed on the floor. Press the Clean icon to initiate the floor cleansing process.

If the Roomba’s battery expires after mid-floor cleaning, you must return it to the recharge station and position it downstairs. Once completely charged, you must return the vacuum to the second floor and resume cleaning.

If you don’t want to carry your Roomba up and down the stairs to charge it, you can position an added home base/charging station on the second floor.

Method 02 Get A Second Home Base

If you have a big large house with a large carpeted area, it is difficult to bring the Roomba to its charging station multiple times when cleaning the same floor.

If you use a Roomba to streamline your cleaning routine, then needing to charge it by hand many times is a major hassle.

You may acquire a secondary home base, position it on the second floor, and allow Roomba to charge automatically.

Roomba cannot clean your entire second floor in a single pass if it is expansive. It will recharge and continue between cleanings.

If you install a secondary home base on the second floor, you will no longer need to bring Roomba downstairs to recharge it.

I suggest purchasing a charging station or home base with an automatic empty base. If you choose not to utilize the auto emptying and dirt disposal option, you must clean the dust bin often by hand.

Can Roomba Go Up and Downstairs?

Neither the Roomba nor any other robot vacuum on the market today can navigate stairs. The stairs in your home are just another hurdle that Roomba will avoid. Even the stairs have sensors to prevent tumbling down them.

How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

Consequently, Roomba will not clear the staircases by itself. It’s possible to spot-clean the stairs by carrying Roomba from one to the next, but this is usually difficult unless the steps are very small.

In the not-too-distant future, these constraints will no longer be an issue. In any case, Roomba proprietors with multiple floors require a method for cleaning the entire residence. 

Dyson, a rival to Roomba, has patented a robot that uses a triangle wheel arrangement and a connected arm to climb stairs.

Best Roomba for Multiple Floor Cleaning?

These are some of the top models you should consider if you want to use Roomba to clean several floors.

The iRobot Imprint intelligent mapping feature and the auto-empty base and dirt dispersion are two crucial characteristics that the autonomous vacuum you purchase must have.

It is essential to have auto-empty and automated dirt dispersal because you do not want to remove the trash can after a few cleansing cycles. The robot vacuum can simply dock at the charging port and empty its dirt bin.

The floor mapping process will go faster due to Imprint smart mapping technology, which uses less battery power. 

How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

How to use Roomba on multiple floors?

Both of these models may help you quickly clean several floors.


How long can it take for the Roomba robot to learn the floor plan?

As Roomba cleans, it can also learn about your home. Usually, it takes three to five cleaning tasks or mapping runs to make a fully formed ImprintTM Smart Map that you can then modify and use.

Does Roomba automatically create a map?

As your robot cleans, it will learn the area. So, ensure it can get to the places you want to map. Once your robot has finished learning the places you want it to map, you will get a notification and be able to modify your plan.

Can Roomba have two home bases?

Yes, you can have two home bases to manage your two floors effectively. If your home consists of multiple floors, It’s better to invest in two home bases.


If convenience and time-savings are of the utmost importance to you, then I strongly suggest that you invest in a Roomba for each level of your home. 

If you can’t able to do this, you will have to physically transport the vacuum to each floor and charge it along the way.

On the other hand, you can use Roomba on multiple floors easily if you don’t mind carrying it from floor to floor.

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