How To Reset Roomba i3?

How To Reset Roomba i3?

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Your Roomba i3 is getting on your nerves?

Maybe it’s time for a factory reset. Just be careful not to press the wrong buttons, or you might end up with a Roomba that’s even more annoying than the one you started with.

The Roomba i3 distinguishes itself from the competition because of its cutting-edge features and innovative technology.

But just like any other technological gadget, your Roomba i3 may sometimes have problems that call for a factory reset.

You definitely wanna know how to reset Roomba i3.

So, I will walk you through the steps necessary to return your Roomba i3 to its original factory settings.


Resetting the Roomba i3 is essential for maintaining a clean and organized home. Read the Instruction Manual: This manual provides comprehensive guidance and safety measures for resetting the Roomba i3. A factory reset can help fix various problems and improve the effectiveness of the Roomba i3.

How to Reset Roomba i3?

How To Reset Roomba I3?

Resetting roomba vacuum cleaners must clear vacuum-related problems, even if most troubleshooting steps do not fix them.

Before resetting, spend time getting ready your Roomba and then try to restart;

Here are the steps of how to rest roomba i3

Step 1: Read the Instruction Manual

Learn everything you can from the manual on how to reset your Roomba i3. The user handbook will provide comprehensive guidance and any necessary safety measures.

Step 2: Back Up Cleaning Preferences And Schedules

If you have customized cleaning preferences or planned cleaning schedules on your Roomba i3, you might want to write them down or take pictures so that they are easy to set up again after the restart.

Step 3: Charge the Battery

To prevent any disruptions in resetting your Roomba i3, ensure the battery has sufficient charge before beginning the procedure.

Step 4: Turn Your Upside-Down Roomba i3

Please take up and gently place your Roomba i3 upside down for a quick check. The reset button is situated on the bottom of the robot when it is set up in this way.

Step 5: Find the Reset Button

Find the reset button, which should be near the wheelbase or the cleaning head. Typically, the trigger is tiny and requires a pen or paper clip to activate.

Step 6: Press While Holding Down The Reset Button

Try pressing and holding the reset button with a pen or paperclip for around 10 seconds. While doing so, be sure to observe the robot’s status lights.

Once you’ve held the button down for the prescribed period of time, the lights should go out, and the reset procedure will start.

Step 7: Let Go of the Reset Button

After around 10 seconds of holding the reset button, you should let go. Now that you’ve clicked the button, your Roomba i3 will begin restarting; at this point, its lights will begin blinking on and off again.

Step 8: Put the Roomba i3 Back Again

Put the robot back on the ground when it has finished restarting. It should now be possible to return the Roomba i3 to its original configuration.

What Are The Post-Reset Configurations For Roomba i3?

How To Reset Roomba I3?

After knowing how to reset the roomba i3 and after implementing the reset process, your Roomba i3 will return to factory defaults. However, after the reset, you need to conduct a few more actions before your robotic hoover is ready to clean effectively:

Step 1: WiFi Reconfiguration

After a reset, your Roomba i3 should reconnect to your home WiFi network using the same credentials previously used.

If it has disconnected from your WiFi network, you may use the iRobot Home app or the robot’s menu options to rejoin it.

Step 2: Restore Your Settings

As previously indicated, the reset will wipe out customized settings for cleaning speed, frequency interval, and other parameters. Make use of this time to adjust the settings on your Roomba i3 to better suit your requirements.

Step 3: Update Firmware

Verify that your Roomba i3 is operating with the most recent software version by performing a firmware update.

To better serve its users, companies often provide updated firmware that addresses bugs and boosts efficiency.

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Why do You need To Reset Roomba i3?

These days, though, it’s normal for a robot vacuum to be linked to the internet, communicate with a smartphone, and have several customizable settings.

If your Roomba robot vacuum won’t connect to WiFi or you keep receiving error warnings in the iRobot app, a factory reset may fix the problem. The primary causes for resetting an iRobot:

  • The iRobot app stops working.
  • Roomba is unable to connect to WiFi
  • My iRobot is malfunctioning or freezing up.
  • You intend to completely set up the robotic vacuum.
  • The latter is particularly intriguing if you just purchased a pre-owned Roomba or are about to relocate.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t reset your Roomba unless you’ve exhausted all other options.

How To Reset Irobot Roomba I3 With App?

You can use the Roomba companion mobile app to hard reset your Roomba vacuum cleaner. A factory reset will remove complete data from your Roomba’s memory, including the app and the cloud.

Here are steps on how to reset Roomba i3 with a mobile application.

  1. Launch the iRobot application on your mobile device
  2. Verify that your Roomba robot vacuum and the iRobot app are linked to the same WiFi network.
  3. To adjust app settings, tap the gear icon.
  4. There’s a Remove/Factory Reset (Robot Vacuum Name) option in the options.
  5. Take the automated vacuum cleaner away from the app
  6. Select Remove/Factory Reset, then wait for the procedure to complete before re-adding the item.


You may fix a variety of problems and improve the effectiveness of your Roomba i3 by doing a factory reset. Before beginning the how to reset roomba i3 procedure, be sure to read and follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer.

After the reset, you’ll have to reconfigure your settings and routines to get the most out of your Roomba i3. These tips will help you get the most out of your Roomba i3, so it can help you keep your house looking spotless.


How Often Should I Reset My Roomba i3?

In most cases, resetting your Roomba i3 is unnecessary. A factory reset may be in order when technical problems continue, or you want to optimize the robot’s performance after significantly modifying your home network.

Do I Need Any Particular Equipment To Reset My Roomba i3?

Your Roomba i3 may be reset without the need for any additional equipment. The reset button is frequently located on the bottom of the robot and may be accessible with any object, such as a pen or paper clip.

Can I Force A Reset On A Non-Responsive Roomba i3?

Try giving your Roomba i3 a charge if it’s not responding. You may try resetting it if it doesn’t work. If the issue continues, however, you should probably get in touch with iRobot’s support staff.

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