How long do Roomba batteries last?

How Long Do Roomba Batteries Last?

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If I love any technology that provides me ease, I love to learn a lot about it, and I won’t be surprised if you’re in love with your Roomba because it saves crucial times of your life.

As far as I can guess you undoubtedly have a lot of inquiries about the Roomba’s battery life.

For as, How long does the battery on a Roomba last? Is there anything I can do to extend the battery life of my Roomba?

Let’s address all of your concerns. We’ll also share a few tips for maximizing the battery life of your Roomba.

In short Summary

“The battery life of a Roomba depends on many factors, including the model of the Roomba, the intensity of usage, and the maintenance of the battery. On average, a Roomba battery will last for 2-3 years. However, I mentioned below a few steps you can take to extend the life of your Roomba’s battery.” 

How long does the Roomba battery last?

How Long Do Roomba Batteries Last?

According to irobot, the parent company of roomba claims, the battery has been designed to last for 2 to 3 years and over 400 recharges.

There is no doubt that routine maintenance extends the life of the Roomba’s battery. Maintaining the Roomba by always plugging it in when not in use will help the battery last longer.

So, You may get more use out of your Roomba robot vacuum if you take good care of it. 

After a full charge, sending the Roomba on a cleaning mission will use up the battery in roughly 60 to 90 minutes. It is model-specific since various models have varying processing durations. 

Some users also report that their Roomba’s battery lasts over 1.5 years before needing to be replaced, while others claim that there’s still works after just 6 months.

How to maximize your Roomba’s battery life?

How Long Do Roomba Batteries Last?

Keep the robot vacuum at cool temperatures

Let me ask a question; If I will force you to live under 43 Centigrade (109.4 Fahrenheit), how will you feel?

That’s why both very cold and extremely hot temperatures are harmful to roomba batteries. A battery’s capacity might decrease in cold conditions, meaning the robot vacuum must be recharged more often.

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Degradation between cycles is accelerated at high temperatures. Keep your robot vacuum at room temperature as much as possible to extend its battery life.

Maintain a clean Roomba

You should clean the Roomba regularly since it assists you in cleaning. Over time, the Roomba will get dirty and cluttered with dust and filth.

Therefore, the performance of a Roomba may be enhanced by wiping off the internal components and the charging connectors. 

Brush cleaning should be your priority. You may be asking why cleaning the brushes on your Roomba is necessary.

Over time, the brushes get clogged with dirt and debris. When the Roomba is clogged up, it has to work harder to operate its brushes, which causes the battery to die more quickly. 

Your robot vacuum cleaner will operate more efficiently and use less electricity if you maintain it.

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Maintain its battery and use it often

Keep the Roomba charging while not using it to preserve the nickel-based (not lithium ion-like smartphone) batteries. Keep its battery fresh by using it often to clean, rather than leaving it in its dock for days.

Switch it to vacation mode

To prepare your Roomba for your absence, you may switch it to what could be dubbed “vacation mode.”

It will keep the battery in good condition even if it isn’t used for many weeks. (Alternatively, you may set your Roomba to automatically resume cleaning at a later time.)

Fully charging the battery will put your robot into vacation mode. Then, you may take it out by inverting the Roomba and unscrewing the battery door. If you prefer a visual explanation, you can watch the video above.

Run Down the Roomba’s Battery Once in a While

Keep the Roomba going till the battery dies once in a while. The recharge time for the Roomba robot vacuum is 16 hours. If the Roomba detects that its battery is fully dead, it will enter this mode.

When your Roomba goes into a refresh charge cycle that takes 16 hours to complete, you should leave it plugged in for the whole 16 hours. 

Your Roomba’s battery will be revitalized, and any lost charge cycles will be restored after a charge cycle. As a result, you may get more use out of your Roomba’s battery.

The light will flash orange rapidly if your Roomba begins the 16-hour refresh charging process.

Don’t touch it until it’s done; the Roomba’s indicator color will have changed to green or white, depending on your type.

When should you replace the Roomba battery?

How Long Do Roomba Batteries Last?

It is highly advised that you replace the battery if it is worn out as soon as possible. A battery’s strength or lack thereof may drastically impact suction performance.

Eventually, you will observe this for yourself: as I just mentioned, an automatic vacuum cleaner may require more and more time to complete the same task.

It may also take more time for the Roomba to recharge to full capacity. In addition, the battery might drain quickly, and the Roomba will flash a red warning light when this happens.

Roomba Battery Maintenance Tips

If you take good care of your robot’s battery, your roomba will last at least two to three years before it dies. Here are some ways to take care of your Roomba’s batteries so that it lasts longer and continues to work at a high level:

It’s important to charge the robot in a cool, shaded area away from direct sunshine.

Wash your robot often. If it becomes blocked with hair or other debris, it will have to work more than normal, draining the battery more quickly.

After each usage, immediately plug your robot back in to charge.  

Charge your robot at all times by leaving it on the Home Base.

Robots should be put into ship mode if they are not going to be utilized for more than a few weeks. And keeping it in a dry, cold area.

We advise removing the battery from the robot and leaving it outside the robot in a cool, dry environment if you are unable to or do not want to put the battery in ship mode.

If you want to get the most out of your battery, you should charge it to full once a month.

To get a replacement battery, kindly go to the iRobot Store – Parts and Accessories, speak with iRobot Customer Care, or go via a certified merchant or partner.

How to Choose a New Battery for Your Roomba Model?

When it comes to buying a new replacement battery for your Roomba, there are a few important considerations that you need to keep in mind.

1. The battery’s capacity is the most crucial aspect to consider; how much time it works, and how long do the Roomba batteries last?

2. The sort of battery is the second item on your list of things to think about. NiMH and Li-Ion are the two varieties of batteries that are compatible with a Roomba vacuum cleaner. 

Although NiMH batteries are more affordable and have a longer lifespan, they are more cumbersome and require longer charging time. Although they are heavier and charge considerably quicker than standard batteries, Li-Ion batteries are more costly.

3. The voltage of the battery is the third component that must be considered. The voltage must be increased for the Roomba to have a greater amount of power. 

However, batteries with a higher voltage have a greater propensity to fail quicker than those with a lower voltage.

4. Lastly, you will need to determine the quantity of batteries that you want to purchase. If you just need one battery, you can get away with purchasing one with a smaller capacity and save yourself some cash.

On the other hand, if you believe that you may want two or more batteries in the future, you should consider purchasing one that has a bigger capacity.


How long do Roomba batteries last might vary depending on the models, how often it’s used, and the surface it’s cleaning. Mostly the battery can easily work up to 400 recharges, and sometimes a bit longer too.

Most of the roomba model’s batteries often work fine for 2 to 3 years if taken care of properly. iRobot offers this battery duration which works for most users. 

Only a few cases are reported that batteries last for 1.5 years or less than a year. But it’s up to the usage and proper maintenance of the batteries.

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