Does Roomba i3 Evo Have Mapping?

Does Roomba i3 Evo Have Mapping?

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The Roomba i3 Evo has become a frontrunner in the realm of cutting-edge house cleaning due to its innovative mapping, which sets it apart from previous versions and competitors equally. 

With its advanced mapping capabilities, the Roomba i3 Evo is an incredible innovation that completely changes the idea of self-cleaning robots.

Many buyers are wondering, ” Does Roomba i3 Evo Have Mapping,” and if so, what effect will it have on the cleaning process? 

Let’s take a trip into the world of Roombas and innovative technology as we investigate the reality behind the Roomba i3 Evo’s improved mapping abilities.

Does Roomba i3 Evo Have Mapping?

Does Roomba I3 Evo Have Mapping?

Yes, The Roomba i3 Evo is equipped with mapping technology. It builds a 3D map of your house using vSLAM and iAdapt navigation while it cleans. 

This feature makes it capable of easily navigating and learning the structure of your home for later cleanings.

The Roomba i3 Evo’s mapping function improves cleaning efficiency and enables customization by using the mobile app, which makes it a practical and efficient option for autonomously cleaning your house.

How Does The Roomba i3 Evo Map My Home? 

Does Roomba I3 Evo Have Mapping?

Here are the steps to map the house using Roomba i3 Evo;

Step 1: Create The Map

  1. From the Roomba app’s main screen, choose the Map option. After clicking,  you’ll be brought to a list of all the maps. 
  2. The “+” sign in the upper-right part of the screen or the “Create New Map” card will launch the mapping session.

Step 2: Mapping Run

During the mapping run, your Roomba will examine the layout of your house. It will look around your house, starting at its charging point and moving to the places it can get to. 

Ensure the charging station is in an appropriate, permanent position for the best navigation.

Step 3: Clean Map Report

When the mapping run is done, your robot will give you a report called “Clean Map.” The report details the places located and cleaned, those with identified filth, and any problems that arose during the operation.

Step 4: Single Successful Mapping-Only Run

To construct a Smart Map, just a single successful mapping-only run is required. 

Without any problems or manual intervention from the user, the mapping run will start and finish at the Home Base or Clean Base. If the run is interrupted or needs help, you must begin again.

Step 5: Customize Your Map 

After finishing the mapping process, the application will ask you to make changes to your map. 

This customization involves naming the floor schedule, defining the preferred orientation for viewing the map, altering room dividers, and marking rooms. 

To access and personalize your Smart Map, just click on the map icon next to the Roomba image on the home screen.

Step 6: Room Customization

Customize your rooms by changing, adding, or removing room barriers. The Roomba will keep track of the rooms you’ve visited and utilize that information throughout your time with the product. 

Choose “Room dividers” to change existing partitions in the Smart Map’s drop-down menu.

Step 7: Name the Rooms

You may name the rooms on your map after they have been separated into sections. As a result, you may direct your room to certain locations for cleaning while still seeing the rooms on your room list. 

Within a particular map, each room name must be distinct. You may select from a selection of popular names or create your own.

What’s The Difference Between Roomba i3 And Roomba i3 Evo?

The Roomba i3 EVO is an upgraded model of the original Roomba i3, with intelligent mapping, personalized room maps, and the most recent software. Additionally, it is only offered in the self-emptying version. 

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money or aren’t interested in all the bells and whistles, the Roomba i3 is a fantastic choice. It comes in non-self-emptying and self-emptying versions.

But If you’re looking for a robot vacuum with cutting-edge functions, the Roomba i3 EVO is your best pick. 

How Long Does It Take The Roomba i3 Evo To Create A Map Of My Home?

Depending on things like the size and intricacy of your room, the Roomba i3 Evo’s mapping process might vary. On average, Roomba i3 Evo requires several cleaning cycles to finish the mapping procedure. 

During these intervals, the Roomba will examine your house, using its onboard sensors to map out its layout virtually. 

After the mapping, the Roomba i3 Evo gets a better idea of how to clean your house since it will be familiar with the layout.

Can I View The Roomba i3 Evo’s Map On My Phone?

Yes, you may use your phone to examine the map that the Roomba i3 Evo created. The Roomba i3 Evo has a Wi-Fi connection, so it can be linked to your smartphone using the iRobot HOME app

The app provides access to the map that the Roomba i3 Evo creates while it cleans. You may check in on the Roomba’s cleaning process, see what it’s already done, and tell it to clean or skip over certain areas.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Roomba i3 Evo’s Mapping Features?

“Does Roomba I3 Evo Have Mapping?” As I’ve explained, yes, it surely does. 

So, now I’m explaining the benefits of Roomba i3 Evo’s mapping features;

Effective Cleaning

The Roomba i3 Evo’s mapping capability enables it to thoroughly map your house. It allows it to move methodically, ensuring it doesn’t miss any part of its environment. 

It means it can do a better job of cleaning your flooring.

Personalized Cleaning 

Using the mapping tool, you can create distinct cleaning plans for each region of your house by dividing it into separate rooms or zones. 

You may clean the most important rooms first or skip over the ones that aren’t dirty. You can also set up virtual walls to protect your Roomba from pet food or fragile items.

Intelligent Home Navigation

 The mapping capability of the Roomba i3 Evo makes use of cutting-edge sensors and algorithms. It may avoid becoming trapped by avoiding obstructions like furniture and wires. 

It reduces the likelihood of accidents and makes for a more peaceful cleaning session.

Longer Battery Life

The Roomba i3 Evo can determine the best cleaning route by drawing a map of your house. It makes the robot move less back and forth than needed, so it takes less time to clean, and the battery lasts longer. 

When the battery runs low, it may return to its docking station for a charge and continue cleaning from where it originally left off.

App Control And Monitoring

A smartphone app may be used to operate and keep tabs on the Roomba i3 Evo. 

You can start or interrupt cleaning sessions, set up cleaning schedules, and get updates on the status of scheduled cleanings or any problems that may develop during cleanings. 

You can see exactly where your Roomba has cleaned due to its mapping capacity.


Are you wondering, “Does Roomba i3 Evo Have Mapping?” don’t worry, as the Roomba i3 Evo does have mapping capabilities. 

To better clean your house, the Roomba vacuum may digitally map its surroundings using this function. 

The Roomba i3 Evo is equipped with mapping technology to strategically plan its cleaning route, navigate around obstructions, and comprehensively cover your floors. 

The Roomba i3 Evo is a favorite among people looking for a convenient and effective automatic cleaning solution because of its cutting-edge features.


Can I Use The Roomba i3 Evo’s Map To Create No-Go Zones?

Yes, you can create no-go zones using the Roomba i3 Evo’s map. Create virtual limits and no-go regions on the map using the Roomba i3 Evo’s Imprint Smart Mapping technology from iRobot. 

With this option, you may prevent the Roomba from entering certain rooms or regions of your house.

Does The Roomba i3 Evo Have Smart Mapping?

Yes, the Roomba i3 Evo is equipped with a smart mapping feature. The Roomba i3 Evo’s advanced mapping technology, Imprint Smart Mapping, allows it to make precise blueprints of your house so it can go about with ease and clean methodically. 

You can even construct virtual borders or no-go zones and generate cleaning schedules with this smart mapping function.

What Does Evo Mean On Roomba i3?

The “Evo” in Roomba i3 stands for “Evolution.” It indicates that the Roomba i3 Evo is a more recent and improved variant of the original Roomba i3. 

Improved maps and navigation, better cleaning power, and similar upgrades are common in Evo models compared to their standard models.

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