Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

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Visualize this: After a hard day at work, you’ve just arrived home, and all you wish to do is take off your office shoes and rest. However, as you enter your living room, your rug is covered in dirt, debris, pet hair, etc. 

Before panicking, take a deep breath and assure yourself that you can use a Roomba to help. But does Roomba go over rugs? 

If you are wondering why cleaning the rug might be a problem for your roomba, just don’t worry. 

Yes, almost all the Roomba models can clean the rug efficiently. But still, that depends upon different factors, models, and conditions.

That’s why here I will discuss the roomba cleaning the rugs.

Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Yes, Roomba is made to clean hard floors, carpets, or rugs. Whether cleaning a hard floor or carpet, Roomba’s cleaning systems are designed to keep the vacuum’s head in constant contact with the surface. 

There are many best robot vacuums for rugs and hardwood, and Roomba is a top contender in that field.

However, certain Roomba models could have trouble handling carpets that are very thick or have a dense texture. The Roomba can become stuck in the carpet and stop moving. 

You may prevent this by restricting the Roomba’s cleaning area with the virtual barrier or boundary tape or by changing the Roomba’s cleaning preferences to skip over the carpeted areas.

In addition, it is vital to consider that the Roomba is not a powerful cleaner and cannot remove all dirt and waste from a carpet or rug.

Most Common Problems With Carpets And Roombas

Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Depending on the kind of Roombas you’re searching for, 

there may be problems with rugs while cleaning. Here are some of the prominent ones. 

Problem 1: Adjustable Cleaning Height

A roomba with customizable cleaning height is the best option. There are several carpet heights. While some carpets could have a reasonably high pile, others may have a comparatively low pile.

Check to see whether the cleaning height of your robot vacuum can be adjusted.

It’s possible, for instance, that the roomba may need to lift its cleaning brush somewhat if it’s passing a thick carpet. It avoids sticking to the carpet in this manner.

In contrast, a low-pile carpet will need more work from the roomba to free any tangled hair or fur. Check to see whether your robot vacuum can adjust itself.

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Problem 2: Tasseled Rugs

Your robot’s central brush roll may have trouble with tasselled rugs. The brush roll itself may get knotted in them if they are very long.

To prevent a high-end roomba from accidentally treading on the tassels, you can set up two no-go zones along each side of the carpet. Given that there are just two sides with tassels.

Tassels may be folded beneath the rug to prepare them if your roomba doesn’t have an app that permits no-go lines.

Nonetheless, this would not work if you wished to establish a cleansing schedule but were unavailable to prepare the room.

Problem 3: Battery Issues

The battery life of your roomba may be greatly shortened by thick carpets.

Robot vacuums can often handle carpets, although this might cause serious battery problems. 

A thick carpet, for instance, may require your Roomba to ramp up the motor, which might dramatically reduce battery life. 

Although most Roombas have batteries that last around two hours, pushing a Roomba over thick carpets may dramatically reduce battery life. 

If the roomba needs to increase suction to collect dirt, hair, and pollen from deep in the carpet, battery life may decrease even more.

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Factors Affecting The Cleaning Of Roomba On Rugs

Does Roomba Go Over Rugs?

Sure, here are some factors that can affect Roomba’s cleaning ability on rugs:

Factor 1: Rug Thickness and Pile Height

A rug’s thickness and pile height affect how well Roomba can move over it. Roomba could get stuck or need help if you try to clean with it on a thick carpet or high-pile rug. 

It could be simpler for Roomba to move around on thinner carpets with a low pile height.

Factor 2: Rug Type 

The rug’s fibre composition affects how well Roomba cleans. Some fibres could be harder to clean than others, and your Roomba might need a different cleaning setting or accessory to do the job well. 

For instance, a stronger suction force or numerous cleaning passes may be needed to effectively remove dirt and debris from a shag rug with long fibres.

Factor 3: Cleaning Routine

The cleaning routine may 

also affect the Roomba’s capacity to clean rugs. To ensure the rug is fully cleaned, it may be essential to boost the cleaning period or modify the cleaning settings for areas with high usage.

Factor 4: Model of Roomba 

Each model of Roomba has a unique cleaning capacity, and certain models may work better on carpets than others. 

For instance, certain models have stronger cleaning brushes or more suction power, which can better deal with thick carpets.

Factor 5: Obstacles

When toys or furniture are on the carpeting, it could affect the Roomba’s capacity to clean. 

It is possible that Roomba may not be able to thoroughly clean the whole carpeting if it can’t go around or over obstructions.

Factor 6: Cleaning Passes

Roomba’s cleaning system combines suction power, tools, and filters to clean surfaces. 

Rug cleaning performance on Roomba may be improved by altering the number of cleaning rounds or raising the cleaning pass. However additional cleaning passes could potentially use up more battery life or lengthen the cleaning process.

Can Roomba Work On Black Rugs?

Why are there so many black rugs?

Each roomba vacuum cleaner features a cliff sensor to keep it from going down the steps when it is near the staircase.

The software will instruct the roomba to keep away if the sensor sends out a beam of infrared light that doesn’t return within a certain time.

Because dark roomba hardwood and carpets absorb the cliff sensor’s infrared light, vacuum robot cleaners often avoid them.

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Can Roomba Avoid Carpets When Mopping?

If you have a lot of rugs at your place, be sure your roomba can detect them on its own so it can avoid them while cleaning.

The transition from hard flooring to carpets is still imperfect. In actuality, even if your robot detects carpets, mopping still falls short of the promise of automatic cleaning compared to vacuuming. 

If it is so that you won’t have to constantly connect the mop to the roomba when you want it to mop, take it off, and then have it run again to clean the carpets if you have both rugs and hard floors. 

Which Roombas Are Best at Going Over Rugs?

Roomba models with strong vacuum power, rubber brush rollers, and advanced sensors are optimal for cleaning rugs.

High-end versions with extensive mapping and navigation capabilities, like the Roomba s9+ and Roomba i7+, are excellent for cleaning carpets of all varieties.

Budget-friendly versions like the Roomba 675 feature twin brush rolls and powerful suction for efficient cleaning on low to medium-pile carpets. At the same time, more expensive models like the Roomba 980 include tangle-free brush rolls and outstanding suction.

Roomba ModelLow PileHigh PilePrice
Roomba i7+GoodExcellentCheck Price
Roomba s9+ExcellentExcellentCheck Price
Roomba 980GoodFairCheck Price
Roomba 960GoodFairCheck Price
Roomba 675FairPoorCheck Price


The thickness and height of the pile, the kind of fibres being utilized, and the cleaning schedule all affect how well Roomba cleans carpets.

Homeowners may enhance Roomba’s cleaning effectiveness on carpets and maintain their floors’ best appearance by considering these factors and modifying the device’s settings as needed. 

With the correct modifications and settings, Roomba can successfully clean any rug, whether low pile or shag. So, if you’re wondering, Does Roomba go over rugs this article might clear your confusion.

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