Can I Use My Roomba In The Garage?

Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage?

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Did you know that the average Garage is filled with 20% clutter? That’s a lot of stuff that could be cleaned up and organized!

Every homeowner wants to clean every corner of their home without discomfort, including the messiest place garage.

The first question that comes to their mind is Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage?

No doubt;

Yes, you can use your roomba in the Garage because It’s smarter than your average junk. It can navigate around your piles of old tools and the rusted lawn mower. Roomba has the capability to clean your Garage with over 100 pounds of dust and debris.

But sometimes, it does get stuck, don’t worry.

Whenever it gets stuck, It will send you alert signals, just like beeping for help, until you come and rescue it.

Let me help you to learn more interesting information about using a roomba in the Garage.

Keep reading.


“Robot vacuums can be a great way to save time and energy when cleaning your Garage, especially if you’re short on time like most people are these days. But it’s important to use them responsibly and avoid exposing them to water, oil, or heavy objects. Otherwise, you might spend more time and money fixing your robot vacuum than you would have spent cleaning your Garage yourself.

Can a roomba clean the Garage?

Can I Use My Roomba In The Garage?

Don’t be confused by asking the same question repeatability; Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage? 

Yes, Without a doubt, roomba can clean your Garage just as it cleans other parts of your home, but there are some conditions that you should ensure before operating roomba in your Garage.

1. Avoid using roomba on an oily surface (Because it gets slippery, and there are chances that your roomba rollers and brushes will lose their performance).

2. Mop it up your floor if there is any water (Because water might get into the motors or electronics of your roomba that can damage your roomba).

3. Pick up the heavy metals from the floors, including nails and screws (Because it can also damage the brushes and rollers of your roomba, and that’s also a bad sign for your roomba).

You have to make sure to keep your cluttered Garage organized, and the rest of the cleaning will be taken care of by your fellow robot Roomba vacuum.

How to Use a Roomba in the Garage?

I am sure your query that states, “Can I use my roomba in the garage” is resolved now. 

To make things a little easier for you, I also want to share the process of using the roomba Garage, so you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to use the roomba in the Garage.

Here is a complete breakdown of the process with five major steps; the third one is my favorite!

Step 01: Prepare your Garage before using a roomba in the Garage

The first step before using a roomba in the Garage is to prepare your Garage so your roomba will stay calm and stay in between the cleaning session. 

For that;

You should pick up and clear the obstacles that can come in between your roomba while cleaning.

  • That includes; Water, Oil, Chemicals, Toys, power cords, tools, pet waste, loose rugs, and large objects like furniture or appliances.

Tip; It will be much better if you sweep up any large scraps like leaves or other dirt.

Step 02: Set up your roomba before using it in the Garage

Prior to cleaning your Garage, make sure your roomba is fully charged, has an empty dustbin, and is not damaged.

In case the battery is not charged, you should charge the battery and empty the dustbin, and most importantly, you should use the “Direct Detect” cleaning mode of your roomba to clean soiled areas in the Garage.

Step 03: Setup virtual walls or barriers for your Garage

Sometimes we don’t want to clean particular areas of the Garage because of some clutter; for that, you can put the virtual wall or barrier device close to that area, and it will prevent your roomba from entering that area.

Just turn on your virtual wall or barrier device, and it will start emitting an invisible barrier of around 10 feet long and 3 feet wide that roomba won’t be able to cross.

Note; Not all models of roomba come with virtual walls or barriers, but if you don’t have a virtual wall barrier, you can purchase it separately from Amazon

Step 04: Start the roomba to use in the Garage

Now, you can start your roomba for a cleaning session in the Garage; you should press the “clean” button on your roomba to start it. 

You can also use the Irobot Mobile application to start your cleaning session in your Garage.

Once you start the roomba, your roomba will start navigating with the help of sensors and start cleaning your dirty Garage.

Step 04: Monitor the Roomba between cleaning your Garage

It is most important to monitor your Roomba while it is cleaning your Garage. Make sure that it is moving around freely without getting stuck and that its battery is not running low. If you see that the Roomba is stuck, you can use the iRobot app to control it and free it from whatever is obstructing it.

Step 05: Clean the Roomba After Each Use

After each cleaning session, you should clean the dustbin, clean the filters, wipe down the exterior of your Roomba, and inspect it for any damage.

That’s the whole simple process of cleaning a garage using roomba with steps. I hope now you can clean your Garage without any complications.

Can I Use a Roomba on a Concrete Garage floor?

Can I Use My Roomba In The Garage?

Most people have concrete garages in their homes, and it’s important to know whether you can use your roomba on concrete floors or not.

That’s why many users ask, “Can I use my roomba in the garage with a concrete floor?”

The answer is yes, you can use your smart roomba on the concrete floor as same as you use on other floors.

But you can’t able to use your roomba effectively if you have these conditions on your concrete floors;

If your concrete garage floor is not smooth

Roomba’s design team did not design the roomba to be used on rough or uneven surfaces. 

If your concrete garage floor is not smooth and has cracks in it will get stuck and won’t be able to clean effectively, and there are chances that your roomba brushes and rollers may be affected through the cleaning procedure.

Solution; Use the roomba that comes with the rubber tires because it’s less likely to slip on smooth surfaces. 

Roomba models that come with rubber tires

Here is the list of roomba models that have rubber tires, and there is less chance that it will slip on your concrete garage floors.

Roomba models that did not come with rubber tires:

Here is the list of roomba models that don’t have rubber tires so that they may slip on smooth surfaces like your concrete garage floor.

  • Roomba 600 series
  • Roomba 700 series
  • Roomba e5
  • Roomba i3

If your concrete garage floor is cluttered 

Select Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage Can I Use My Roomba in the Garage

In case your concrete garage floor is cluttered with a bunch of objects over the Garage, then the roomba will get stuck and won’t be able to do its job. 

That’s why it’s very important to clear the cluttered floor before using your roomba; otherwise, your roomba may be damaged.

Is It Worth Getting a Separate Roomba for Your Garage?

After getting all the knowledge about whether can i use my roomba in the Garage, the second thought that comes into the user’s mind is whether it is worth getting a separate roomba for the Garage or not.

It’s totally up to you, but if you ask me, it’s worth having a separate roomba for your Garage. If someone can afford to buy a Roomba just for the sake of cleaning its Garage, it’s completely worth it.

Due to the separate roomba, your roomba will last longer and cleans your Garage more effectively. You can save a lot of your time by cleaning your Garage and home at the same time.

Don’t forget to think about the area of your home if the area of your home is small. I will never say it is worth it to buy a separate roomba for the Garage, but still, you can buy a separate roomba; it’s totally up to you.

Note; If you can’t afford to buy a separate roomba for your Garage, dont worry; your one roomba is enough for your whole home. 

Pros and Cons of using roomba in the Garage

Here are the pros and cons of using a roomba in the Garage are mentioned below.

What are the advantages of having a Roomba? (Pros)

Here are the advantages of having a roomba; 

  • Can Handle Dirt, Dust, and Debris
  • Keeps Your Garage Clean
  • Can Help to Prevent Pests
  • It can Be Scheduled to Run Automatically

What are the disadvantages of having a Roomba? (Cons)

Here are the disadvantages of having a roomba;

  • Can Get Stuck on Obstacles
  • May Not Be Able to Handle Large Messes
  • Can Be Noisy
  • May Not Be Able to Reach All Areas of the Garage

Safety Tips for Using a Roomba in the Garage

While using any machine, we should always consider some safety procedures before using it, and I think we should also follow safety rules for using a Roomba in the Garage. 

Here are the most important safety tips in a clear and concise way that you can use to save your roomba from any damage.

  • Clear away any large objects or debris from the floor.
  • Consider using a virtual wall barrier.
  • Monitor the Roomba as it cleans.
  • Use a Roomba with rubberized tires.
  • Use a Roomba with high suction power.
  • Do not use a Roomba on a wet floor.
  • Do not use a Roomba on a flammable surface.
  • Do not use a Roomba if there are any pets or children in the Garage.


Whether or not to Use a Roomba in the Garage is a Personal Decision, but if you ask me, can I use my Roomba in the Garage? I will consider using it for my Garage because it Can Handle Dirt, Dust, and Debris, and for me, cleaning and clearing the Garage is a way to create a sense of calm and peace. That’s why I consider it worth using a Roomba in the Garage.


Do robot vacuums work on concrete?

Yes, As I mentioned above,  it can work on concrete with some conditions. The conditions are mentioned above in detail.

Is it OK to use Roomba every day?

Yes, it is completely OK and effective to use your roomba every day, but make sure you maintain it properly.

What makes the roomba different from a broom or leaf blower?

For a broom or leaf blower, you need to move your cars away from your Garage, and if you are using a roomba, you don’t need to move cars from your Garage; it will clean itself without consuming your time.

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